Saturday, 3 January 2015

2015 - (bom ano, este e os outros) Happy New (new?) Year - this or any year, may they be well lived

This is just so..
so very...
ah, this is just so very..........

(wishing all a good year)

(detail) - group of 7 interchangeable canvasses, by G. Almeida,
acrilics on canvas(ses), c. 2005

Albrecht Dürer - 1493 drawing - ink on paper

The Sleeping Giant (Nanabijou) - Thunder Bay - Ont.
(taken from -

Blessings to whomsoever sould drop in or pass me by..

[ok, ok, there's a full moon out tonight and although my camera is ill-equipped to take shots at the moon (no pun intended), I took its picture.
It affects me, but I wrote this before the moon came out]

Votos que 2015 vos encontre de boa saúde, e que vos dê esperança. Que hajam razões para rir (por bons motivos, isto é), e para sorrir. 

Bem hajam

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