Thursday, 16 March 2017

George Mraz - (hoping for his recovery)

We all know how precious the man's talent is, I don't really know what more to say.
More than one of my absolute top bassists, he is one of my all time favourite musicians.
(And, he is so well loved by colleagues, friends & family, so special..)

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I won't even go into the anguish and sorrow one has, when thinking of how the country where he lives doesn't seem to respect its citizens in the most basic of needs. 

How many countries are astronomically ahead in terms of safeguarding access to proper health care for it's people?
I wish he could have multiple countries as his home, so he (or others like him) wouldn't have to deal with such a predicament. 
As time is definitely of the essence, I shall say no more, and hope he gets better.

I hope he gets (and in time) the funds to regain his health, I really do.

God bless you Mr. Mraz.

 I'm a selfish person, although he's already given so much, I hope he gives more of his precious talent to bask my ears into