Monday, 31 July 2017

Chatinhos, irra (apre, arre, ...)

Nunca entendi a razão ou a sensatez que leva alguns seres acharem, para mais numa época onde o flagelo das chamas é tão dramático, de
tanto rebentar de petardos e fogo de artificio em tudo que é lugarejo e terriola. 
- nem vejo o interesse que possa ter -

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Jeanne Moreau

(the image below comes from a FB page ► (MILES DAVIS FOREVER)

I don't even know how long ago it was that I first saw this film, but, it was due to of one of my favourite soundtracks (l'ascenseur pour l'échafaud) that I first encountered one of the many cinematic treasures in  French Cinema, many of which with

the gifted actress - Jeanne Moreau..
(born: Paris, 23 January 1928)

It is sad to see her leave us, at any age.

Stalker - Andrei Tarkovsky (trailer for 2017 new restoration of the masterpiece)

  It's been a while since I've had a chance to write in this blog but, with the excuse of this amazing  Tarkovsky masterpiece's new restoration finally being complete (soon to be available), I resume posts.

Hope all are having a wholesome and safe summer
(take care ♥ )