Monday, 9 January 2017

The January Post

♥ Streep (Why? - because of the Art that lives within her, her Humanity, her obvious talent, and for every single word also - that she says here, with her faltering voice. Love her. It's impossible not to)

- ♥ Bowie (Why? - well, he's Bowie, I don't really feel a need to give any other particular reason...)

and now - ♥ ♥ ♥ a beautiful friend whom I cherish,
(Why? Well, besides the friendship, the talent, the extraordinary heart, and will, it's similar to the two above, for his Humanity.      Love him, and he knows it)

- So, I'll repeat two videos with him playing (two samples) - One where we can see another, so fabulously playing along side his beloved friend - (my goodness, speaking of talent, and art and so forth..) Richie Beirach. It's so pleasing (among other things) to see this quartet perform.
The other is a ''trio'', one I love to hear - so very much.

(well, I do of course have the Record, but I'll leave the demo of it, firstly)

(ok ok ok - I said I'd place two, but I'm incorrigible, so here's a third)

These five things I place above, other than exemplifying what I personally wish to dedicate this year on our tiny blue dot (as Sagan used to call it): Friendship, Love, Talent, Art, Humanity, and so much more than what I say (for not everything I know how to say, in words), they show great spirit - the kind that not only shine's through one's own talent, but even more when said talents are made stronger and even larger - through the bond of friendship shared therein.


As the country where I was born prepares its farewell to one of it's towering figures of the XX'th century, an unstoppable Human Right's lawyer - one that up to his age of 50 - amidst the known oppression of the prior regime, defending even others who were (attorneys for Human Rights), and great minds such as Salgado Zenha (to mention one, but there were more such lawyers and activists defended, and those from other fields as well), whom after 74 set the ground work for our latest ''democratic'' rule (the one occurring in the xx century still, born through the hands of other great minds and men as well - Alvaro Cunhal, instantly coming to mind, and of course others such as Sá Carneiro, not to mention who actually changed the regime in 1974 (among others), - in the nation's armed forces, the only ones who actually could ... but I shall not linger on the subject at this time) - and as a statesman, internationally, his working alongside other European heads of state, leaving at the time he had done so his ''footprint'' (so to speak)  upon the EU during the timespan of his influence -
(I was saying)
- as the country prepares its farewell, I write this post.

Yes, the arts make us more Human, mirror us, are food for the soul (et cetera, yes, and indeed they are). The sciences take us further on our journey (within our Humanity - as a collective), and are somewhat similar (also so important) for such things (especially as the tool that it is, and depending on how and by whom it's wielded), just as contemplation / meditation and so forth, through our spirituality (be it though any ''organized'' religion or not) does, as well.

So now I leave three or four links - that concern the activity that seems to epitomize (mirror, make us more Human (in the noble sense of the word, as always when I use it), and yes - are also ''food for the soul'' (for so many reasons), and never any less than the afore mentioned ones (of the previous paragraph).




OOoops, I was searching for a LINK, in one of two blogs (pertaining to this one, that is) and since Gandhi is rather stretched ou in - and throughout either, I'll just simplify with an image I'd made some years back on the occasion of his birthday and place it here (also) as a symbol of the Civil Rights (Human Rights) Lawyer.


So this is my first post for the year (because the previous one, made two days ago, would have been made any time of year that a statesman such as he leaves...). 


Blessings, hope, and love, to all. (to whomsoever reads this post, and to others who might not spot it even).

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