Saturday, 14 April 2012

Memphis Horns

Among the many superb horn sections this one was my first and strongest Love..

( Memphis Horns - uma referência musical para mim.. )

Not only musically an example to follow but as men. Their posture in life as friends and companions (I'll still use the present tense - with age change takes a little longer..) is inspiring and remarleable though it seem the most natural, simple, clearest path to take..

Since the news of one of them passing (last Thursday) I realized that they had finally been given the «Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award» on February 12 last. Yes, it's true that it was long overdue but at least they were both "here" to receive it.

Andrew Love, one of the two legendary The Memphis Horns passed away two days ago, last Thursday.
I received news of this from
whom had in turn heard it here >

- Our hearts go out to his partner Wayne Jackson, friends and family.

I'll leave you with that which is one of my personal favourites..

(it's hard to choose between so much work they had done for: Otis Redding, Peter Gabriel, Aretha Franklin, Neil Young, U2, Jerry Lee Louis, Steve Winwood, Sam and Dave, Joe Tex, Elvis, Willie Nelson, Dusty Springfield, Al Green, Joe Cocker, Albert King, Wilson Pickett, James Taylor.. and countless others in a long line of superstars)

For a better notion of their discography (para ver mais da discografia deste naipe de metais)

Wishing all a nice weekend (Desejo a todos um fim de semana)

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