Sunday, 12 February 2012




  1. It took me a while to make this "post" public. I leave it in memory of the Legend..

    Personally, and musically speaking, I was/am usually more a fan of her gospel singing, occasionally one or asnother piece masterfully sung by this amazing artist, but I must say that her voice was so powerful that no matter one's musical tastes are one can see that Music 'must' bow to the passing of such an incredible force of nature.. In her case the "house would rock" and the earth definitely shook when she sang.

    To quote a friend's words, (from high school and today an excellente music teacher and head of his School)
    « and that, chillens, is how you sing live »

    To quote another dear friend:
    «Yeah, I remember how we became fans when she supported Mandela contrary to Ronnie Regan and Mag Thatcher who supported Apartheid. Here's some words from her Aunt Re ♥ She was definitely very special, I agree. /46426535#46426535 »

    I'll leave another comment with links to some of the pieces I've always enjoyed

  2. Yes, Jesus Loves Me

    I go To The Rock

    Mandela's birthday -1988

    I loves you Porgy...... (good lord, she could sing!)

    Superstitious (with Stevie Wonder)

    You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman

    Amazing Grace

    To the Legend..
    For information Humanitarian efforts and support, please feel free to visit:

    by request of her family, and in place of flowers, those who wish to pay homage please donate to any the causes in the link directly above.

    (Take care & have a safe weekend)