Monday, 12 December 2016


Photo from ''Pictures At An Exhibition'': - LINK

Aw, Greg..
(I always thought that you looked and sounded like an angel, since I was a bitty kid and saw you thusly.., back when at an age where we find it normal to see angels, and Father Christmas, and elves and leprechauns...... One look at you and it was instant - ''Oh, see, he's an angel, with bangs coming down and touching his nose''. As time passed, with all of us in our mortal forms walking this earth, it still seemed as if it were perfectly natural for one to see that even through Time painting any of us - though line, hints of silvery greys here and there, and so forth, that you resembled just that all the same, when contemplating you as an ''artist'' - on various stages. To your loved ones the painting was certainly more complete and sweet to look upon, with any imperfections that even make us more endearing to whosoever loves us... ) ... what took you is a terrible thief.

Photo - LINK

..ah that beautiful final Bach cadence ♥
(Bless you forever, dear Gregory Lake)

Yes, so beautiful..

(sincere condolences to his loved ones in their moment of grief)


(and now, I'll post a picture of someone that..  (he was just a puppy here, but) He always helps me when I cry...)

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