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The Christmas & New Year message (a mensagem que consigo, pelo periódo assinalado)

(Grateful for dear ones, whom are in Germany, being safe from harm. Sorrow - for those taken from their loved ones)

The above is not part of the Christmas & New Year message I had intended

The message that had been originally planned for the season

Sometimes I suppose it's easier for those of us used to working closely with others from any number of lands, others of different age groups, credence and (verbal) language groups. It's perhaps easier in some professions to see the ''common denominator''.  Since I am no doctor (physician), nor sociologist, but rather from the arts, I'll use one of those for the season. It's easy for anyone (I believe) to picture an orchestra, for instance, and as we know - in the orchestra, for something to be created (or ''recreated''), to such a degree that special moments can be shared, by audience and musician alike, there must be passion.
But passion per se, is what it is. It moves people, and outside the ARTS, especially outside those, when it is wielded outside the realm of Love, things have quite a different perspective and outcome (usually destructive - through the ''hate'' or ''distrust'' of another.

When evoked under other instances, with other goals in mind, goals such as ''nationalistic'' ones, or when two athletic teams challenge each other such as in Rugby, Football, Hockey, Basketball and other types, with their respective cheering committees (fan groups), all too often one sees ''passion'' drive people in the desire for the annihilation of ''the Other'', or a will to conquer ''the Other'' and lay them asunder.  We're all aware of hooliganism, as we are aware of what the rise of ''nationalism'' brings about. 
This said, it doesn't mean a Hungarian can not maintain his or her nationality, adopt another alongside it, see the beauty in a work written by a German author, for instance, and shape it through an orchestra that is not in Germany.  Moreover, through said passion and care bring the work (any work) to life so as to create and share it with people of any land, hair colour, skin tone, language groups, whether they pray or not pray.  And more than this, one easily can find in an orchestra (for instance, but there are others, within and without Music) - whilst working together for a common goal, a prime example of so many people from so many different regions and walks of life, sharing that common passion as they work together, to create something that in turn is shared with others.
Does it really matter if we or anyone else use a fish fork (and knife) to eat our fish?

Does it matter if we haven't the means to know how to use them, the knowledge of their existence,  why they are used in some cases by some, or perhaps even in some cases don't have the means to attain them (they're not expensive, but perhaps in remote areas such as the Artic, they are)? Is it important the difference in the the way one eats one's fish, or why?
The only problem I can see (and probably whomsoever reads this message), is the absence of fish, and their dying off, suffocating and smothered in polluted waters (which I believe is somethings that bothers all uf us alike, be we from anywhere we may be, any one of us).

We indeed have one planet, and regardless we use fish forks or not (for any reason that may be), we need our home, our tiny - ''pale blue dot'' as Sagan used to call it. And we know we do.  
What I've said is probably construed as 'preaching to the choir' (so to speak), so I shall proceed to finish this article with things I love, and love to share.
They are all examples where whether or not one uses a fish fork, makes no difference whatsoever. It makes no difference in terms of things we can build or receive (and share in - said moments, regardless our being on stage or off).

 So I leave examples where despite each one on its own would merit its own post in this blog (just as many other examples, or others that I've already posted here throughout the years).
They come together in said spirit, and share said common denominator.
I thus leave things from the musical arts, of three types of musical construct:
* Vocal
* Instrumental (with instruments other than the voice)
* Vocal & Instrumental,

and bid you the best of possible holiday seasons.

Regarding the year to come, may it bring us a world of less hardship, less bloodshed and war. Hopefully we (on the whole) shall someday begin to appreciate one another.  It always seems to be a step in the right direction in order to not be manipulated on the part of any whom, for some reason, seek to control or subjugate others. Does this mean one should not be on one's guard? No. Does it mean one should not feel one has more a right to anything than anyone else? Yes. Does that mean one should look the other way when anyone hurts another? No. Does it mean one can be active and come to the aid of any whom are down, (as doctors or anyone can)? Yes. Does it mean one should place oneself in the shoes of a superior diety? No, I don't think so.
I have one or other family member that doesn't get along too well with me, and perhaps rightfully so, but does that mean that they can not count on having a roof to sleep under as long as I'm around and have one? No.   On the other hand, does it mean that if ever they are in need of it, that I must remain under my own roof and not seek peace by not remaining under it (be it what it may be) myself?  No. My remaining or leaving is my choice.  It's so much easier though, when it's in regard to our own house, yet not so when one considers entire countries, or groups within countries.

We all choose our own paths and how we treat each other.

We also choose if we defend to keep fish from suffocating in the seas, or other animal species to not suffer due to own animal species' collective abuse of the planets resources.  Do I enjoy to eat fish once in a while? Yes, I do. Do I defend their right to share the planet, and live unfettered by our own abuse of our shared home, yes I do.  It's their and other species' (including our own) home, as well.

I'm pretty sure trees, flowers and cabbages don't hate us, or have a wish to annihilate us. (well, my fig tree does throw figs at me on occasion, but that's beside the point).
Let's be like trees and grow.

 Duarte Lobo : audivi vocem (á 6) - perf. Queen's College Choir Oxfornd, cond. Owen Reese.

Richard Bona (bass & vocals) / Bobby McFerrin (vocals)

Anatoly Alexandrov - Four Preludes (Opus 10) - J. Lin (on piano), video c. 7 and 1/2 min.

Bach's Blues (Oscar Peterson) - O. Peterson on piano (video - c. 6  and1/2 min.)

György Cziffra - piano (2 short Chopin pieces & 3 of Liszt's, Live in Paris - 1963) video duration c. 25 min. 

Elgar's Enigma Variation Nº IX (Sir Georg Solti w/ London Philhamonic Orchestra - video just under 4 min.)

The Eyes of Love:
Quincy Jones (Cond. Arranger) & WDR big band - Toots Thielemans (hamonica)

Joni Mitchell, with orchestra (conducted & Arranged by Vince Mendoza) | orchestra featuring H. Hancock on piano, Peter Erskine on dr. & perc., and Wayne Shorter on S. sax. (music by J. Mitchell) 


Well, it being Christmas and all, I shall repeat the posting of this

''Ó meu Menino'' - movement from ''Magnificat em talha dourada'', by Eurico Carrapatoso
(excerpt under 5 min.)


For the new year:

I shall place here two things, out of so many I would like to place, Mr. Evans's ''Peace Piece'' for obvious reasons, and another with one of my all time favourites (among the double bassists that are such), Mr. George Mraz.

Why finalize this post with Mr. Mraz?
- Because I hope the year that comes brings us an end to something, not Mr. Mraz (I hope he recovers and blesses us with his music for a long, long time), but that time old problem in the land where he lives, where people aren't given a proper ''universal public health plan'', among other things.  In other lands such a reality goes beyond one's imagination even, and it's so shocking and frightful a reality to conceive, indeed.

(George Mraz

For the New Year then:

(couldn't find Richie Beirach's rendition of the master as I wished, nevertheless, I found one with the author's own performance of it.)

and now - Mr. Mraz (from his more recent work)


ok ok - I can't help it, I'm incorrigible. But it's because it is the Christmas season. I can't help it. I just have to leave something that reflects me, and the older I get, the more the Grinch within me comes out.

Despite my ''grinchiness'', I wish all of you well.

Have a good holiday.
Take care.

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