Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Still on the subject of pianos - duets for today

two duets (4 hands // Schubert // Fantasia in menor - part 1) 
  Two versions that I.. well...
  They're different, and I'm compelled to place both...

(Upon recalling a somewhat similar post with diferent versions of the same piece made some time back by a dear friend, I'm thus inspired today ...)

Maria João Pires & Ricardo Castro (short excerpt - for the full piece please look further below)

Richter & Britten 

- Part 2 of this piece continuing and containing a little more of the above mentioned duet: Richter & Britten..


This is the entire piece: MJP piano duet with Ricardo Castro of Schubert's  - Fantasia in menor .  


- and finally for today another pair with some Mozart and Cage

Jarrett & Corea (performing Mozart)

Jarrett & Corea (performing Cage)


  1. Que bela ponte e magníficas interpretações, Margarida! E a imagem...

  2. Carlos,
    eu é que agradeço, muito mesmo, o que dizes..