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Dia da Restauração.. vou trabalhar.. bom resto de feriado // December 1, 1640 - in Portugal today the holiday referred to as "Dia da Restauração" is celebrated

D. João IV de Portugal - Crux Fidelis

(Portuguese King John IV - 18 March 1603 – 6 November 1656)

Manuel Rodrigues Coelho (1555-1635) - Tento do sexto tom
(Andrés Cea - performing on a church organ in Seville, at the San Juan de Marchena - Church)

(EN - Manuel Rodrigues Coelho - was a Portuguese composer and keyboardist born in the mid XVIth Century who had published 3 books of works under the third Portuguese dynasty, or if you prefer - during the short lived Iberian Union, an era between 1580 and 1640. There is still one surviving 1620 publication of his 'Flores de musica pera o instrumento de tecla & harpa', published in Lisbon.
He died before the advent of the forth dynasty, the House of Braganza of 1640)

Metropole Orchestra - A Tribute to Joe Zawinul - In A Silent Way
(at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam - with - Vince Mendoza, Peter Erskine-drums, Alex Acuńa-percussion, Victor Bailey-bass, Jim Beard-keybords, Amit Chatterjee-guitar & vocals.. and The Metropole Orchestra)

PT - Incluo esta gravação feita na Concertgebouw, em Amsterdão, com a célebre Metropole Orchestra a executar a peça que aqui se pode ouvir, por vários motivos. Para além desta capital europeia ter sido o local de nascimento de um teclista e compositor também de grande valor, e contemporâneo a Manuel Rodrigues Coelho, referindo-me a J. P. Sweelinck, também quero assim fazer uma invocação através desta peça "In A Silent Way" de J. Zawinul. Sinto que, tal como há quatro séculos atrás, vivemos numa época de grandes incertezas e convulsões, e que na paz de um "silêncio" dourado e quente como este, encontro-me, para depois de seguida tentar seguir num caminho mais soalheiro e justo.

EN - I've included The Metropole Orchestra performing the above piece at the Concertgebouw for a couple of reasons. Amsterdam was the birthplace one who was contemporary to Manuel Rodrigues Coelho, and also a great keyboardist/composer, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck. Another reason is that Zawinul's "In A Silent Way", more than having its intrinsic beauty, is an invocation... it brings me the solitude of a golden silence that helps me find a more righteous path, and one of heart warming copassion & grace. I post this on a day that similarily to the one back in 1640, was in an era full of incertainty and turmoil in many lands across Europe in hopes of helping, even if it be but one person listening, to promote a warmer, kinder, and more humane outlook.


Deixo-vos hoje aqui dois 'links', um sendo para o programa, do Museu de Arte Antiga.
(below are two links to the Portuguese National Museum of Ancient Art
"Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga" - links are in Portuguese)

Museu de Arte Antiga - D'Après Nuno Gonçalves
A partir de 3 Dezembro 2010

Programa para - D'Après Nuno Gonçalves


- e deixo também a imagem de um quadro pintado por Caravaggio, um pintor também contemporâneo a Coelho, Sweelinck, Filip I / II / III, e D. João IV

                                                   - a Deposição de Cristo, de 1602.

- I've also included Caravaggio's "The Taking of Christ", painted in 1602.
(two years after his sumptuous - Calling of Saint Mathew - a painting I've always been fond of)
I do this as I recall the events of the past few days, the author of Wikileaks being on the run..
and the economic/social tumults in Europe of the past couple of years as we live an era of great incertainty, change, turmoil.. and public unrest.
Similar to the era during the reign of the father of he whom started the mentioned third Portuguese dynasty, 
 Philip I (of Portugal & II of Spain..)    
-      son of Charles V and Isabella of Portugal
 and also similar to the reign of the third and last monarch of said dynasty  -   Phillip III (of Portugal & IV of Spain) 
a man fond of the arts as was his successor - the composer of the first piece
King John IV   - He began the fourth and final dynasty -

He became King of Portugal and the Algarves  on December 1st, 1640
- a day of revolution and the dawn of that which would come to be known as the 'Portuguese Restoration War'

    Now I would like to sum up this blog post by leaving a photo of a painting by Portuguese painter,
     João Gresbante (actively working between 1640 and 1680)

                                            Ecce Homo
                           1642, óleo sobre tela (oil painting)


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