Saturday, 7 January 2017

Mario Soares (President Mario Soares ► December 7th, 1924 - January 7th, 2017)

The nation now mourning, as one of the towering figures, from mid xx century and on in the country, goes..

(condolences, to whomsoever, be it family, friends, and countrymen that feel for his loss)

At times like these, there is no sense in attacking whom is no longer with us, and especially a cowardice for anyone to imagine or attempt to do so - not only to those whom feel more directly his passing.  It would be barbaric, to say the least, and I will not have it..   For this reason I hereby state the following.
This blog will not tolerate, by any means, any comment to this post that will diminish the man.

I may understand that there might be some people (there always are, especially with icons such as he) regardless my agreeing or not, any criticism - concerning anything of the ''political'' Mario Soares, and I stand up for freedom of speech, but, I will not tolerate the afore mentioned type of cowardice or ''barbarie'', on this post. through any comment that may come.

I've never vented any things I may have not agreed to, concerning decisions (obviously not easy ones), as he led the country (when he was in office), but when I ever did (not written, but spoken, among friends, though not with many I admit), concerning some things, it was always ''political'', and never the man.
Concerning his activity as a lawyer, especially prior to the fall of the previous regime, he's always commanded my utmost respect.
I cannot ever forget that it was he that defended, even at his own peril, others of great stature: among some of which were Salgado Zenha, the family of the assassinated candidate Umberto Delgado, Alvaro Cunhal, and many more.
On the other side of his ''political'' sphere, he was respected by, and maintained friendship with the likes of people such as Adriano Moreira
(a Lawyer himself, and also imprisoned by the regime to which he had been a minister of.
Many people, such as the two, met by having shared cells in the time of the dictatorship, and became friends for life).
We know all too well how easy it is to criticize, but, we also know how easily one forgets the full picture.

He was not only of significance nationally, but as is known, on the international stage.

My respects, and silence.

(artwork: by Julio Pomar)

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