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I meant to post this yesterday, and the only reason I hadn't was due to reason's that have nothing to do with the gravity of the matter. It is no less painful than any other episode that is similar in other lands.  In fact, it's painful to recognize how often such a thing occurs in this part of the world.

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It's always a sad issue, be it in Baghdad (as now, and so often as of late),
in Istanbul (as days before at the airport), in Paris, Mumbai, Madrid, London, Boston, Brussels, Moscow and so many more places... so many..... (all so treacherously sad, in this ««new»» millennium, and the others at the onset of the same century
, or a few decades before, such as what happened when a democratically elected Allende was cheered by his nation with the attack (a previous 9/11 to another sad 9/11) upon that crowd, and subsequent coup d'etat by Pinochet... (so sad). as is the ongoing strife and plight in Israel and in Palestine (this is sadness, as are the others).

Blaming things on God or lack thereof, or on previous attacks from whomever (being as pointless as stepping on daisies because some ivy pricked you) is the argument of a week mind, that only enforces through the use of weapons upon the unarmed (apparently knowing full well they can win nothing any other way, so they win (or think they win) through death (so they think).
Death, that faithful companion that accompanies all the living throughout their walk upon the earth, and that shall rid us all sooner or later of what is so fleeting for all of us, killer and non-killer alike.

Some of us know the obvious (no one stays around forever, and thank God, or God's replacement, or the ''Nothingness'' for that because we all know the unbearable - which is the loss of another. To live forever would be hell itself if it existed, for one would have to witness losing all that one even likes let alone loves).
(small groups, fundamentalists such as KKK, the self-proclaimed ISIL, and others similar (always so small on so many accounts and in so many ways) ... (I was saying)
- others seem to not know anything but death. Their's isn't suffice, they must take others.
More and more one sees, the less ''reason'' there is, the more violence because, well.. I suppose knowing nothing but death - gives to them the value of something that unites us all in this mortal coil and universe of those that breath (if only but for moments).

Most people (sapiens, or not) know a sentiment that is in truth death's only opposite.
Anyone who has truly felt it, towards any other, knows that it is the only thing that conquers death, and this is something that death itself can not reach.

When in grief (and the insanity grief can bring upon us, from pain) it is love, for whom is no longer in the first place that brings back the breath of life.
 IT is also, along with that, though it is suffice in itself, love for others that remain, and in some cases (when God is made out to be ''Love'') also that absolute itself when one needs to have an entity beyond themselves.

Some, or rather most of us have no time for death. Death is the state one is in most of eternity, so one goes beyond that petty commonality of state.
Some, or rather most of us go beyond that commonality of state, we love, we read, we paint and see paintings (sometimes bringing tears to our eyes from gazing upon them), we perform beauty or hear it (sometimes bringing tears to our eyes from hearing it), we breath we love.
We see the sun set and sun rise, we see ourselves in the reflections of others, and others in our reflections...

WE go so way beyond death
- that commonality of state which unites us all, killer and killed,
going beyond - beyond something so immense if one measures time (in any direction), and that only infinitely small fraction of that state (which is spent breathing) that makes all life duration  practically equal (be it of infant or the most elder of living beings) by comparison to the larger fraction - the only thing that goes beyond what is mind-boggling to conceive (eternity)

(in the balance of its mind-boggling large fraction of non-existence and infinitesimally smaller fraction of existence as it goes beyond such immensity, and in spite of it).

(something that can not be killed, though the fraction is so infinitesimally small, in the face of ... in the face of....... of eternity and its duration / size)


(and now a small ''desabafo'')

The greed and lust for power, power over others, things addressed so wisely and so pertinently - by great minds such as Hannah Arendt and Michel Foucault, among others, all boil down to a common denominator, don't they?
It seems that a few believe that the only way they can control ''others'' is in death.
So they kill. They attain (so they think) dead bodies (they seem to suppose being able to control only after and through death? Control what? What is controlled after death?  Oh, so they propose to control the living by killing the living, and thus finally gain control...
of the living...)

What is it they think they control?

Yes, I am tired of posting things regarding such sad deeds.

(Solidarity, solidariedade, solidarité, סוֹלִידָרִיוּת , تضامن , एकजुटता ,  یکجہتی , солидарность ........ 團結 )

If what is wanted is to instill fear - at least on my behalf (and I believe on the part of many) the only thing accomplished is sadness.

We all will die sooner or later. It is pretty stupid to think that pretending to be ''whatever'', and saying it's their right to take our lives, will accomplish what apparently is so desired by whomsoever thinks themselves more than the universe (with its laws) itself.

They propose to
induce fear? Anger? Manipulation through either?

Whether it be pawns or those that move them as the little wooden specks that they are, all they do is advance a state we all, and they themselves, will eventually yield to.

Who is the owner of death and destruction?
Who would be so self-centered to believe such folly?
They may victimize, but those remembered (sorry you self-centered bastards that think you're so scary and shit) are those fallen before their time.

Brief message to whom I'm sure will not read this:

You (the pawns that say they're so full of some deranged form of god
- God? What an excuse.)
I'd laugh if the matter at hand weren't as sad as it is.
I mean really? How puny are you? You're definitely smaller than the tiniest infant struck down in Peshawar from similar cowardice, whether it was you or not. And you may take your funny little guns and bombs, and think you're real great, but you're just a tool, and so tiny in the light of what you fear and say you detest. So shoot me, see if I care.

You're royally ''f*cked'' if you're that scared of babies and unarmed people.

You say you don't care? Do you think it really matters if you do or don't?

You're just f**ked up and killing me or anyone will get you nothing, nothing but sadness;
not for you, for those you turn into heroes, nothing more.
All you do is turn them into heroes - those that scare you such that you to need to eliminate them.
You really are just dust and mere tool, i'd feel sorry for you but, for the moment, I have no space in my heart (for anger or fear, no space) but for those you turn into heroes.  Sorry.

God bless the fallen and their memory.

If God doesn't exist (and you make a fair argiement to that conclusion) I'm sure he, she or the great void will thank you for making people sad, be they from whatever nation or relgion (or non-religion) they may be.

For the rest of us:

I leave a brief interview with a maestro

- and also an image of a cellist by me (in a humble gesture of remembrance).


For all the tomorrows, todays, and yesterdays

cellist - 2001, oil on paper, G. Almeida

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