Friday, 22 April 2016

Isabel Soveral

Isabel-Soveral-e-Sofia-Moraes-talk-about-kingdom-of-the-shores from Filipe Gill on Vimeo.

I have failed somewhat to report concerts, seminars and other activities of Isabel's, and for this I am sorry. However, in hopes to make amends, I shall leave a short list of some events, today and in the near future.

I have had the wonderful experience of being present on occasions when her music is presented, and it is truly moving.

Image: unaware of the author's name at the present moment

(very brief note, regarding the composer and some of her current activities)


If you're in the vicinity - don't miss the opportunity to hear her work. I couldn't recommend it more.
Upcoming events:

Today (the 22nd of April, 9pm - 21h00 – Museu Nacional Grão Vasco. - Viseu, Portugal)


April 28th - 9:30pm   (
21h30 - O'culto da Ajuda > Lisboa, Portugal)


May 21st - 8pm (20h -  Sala / EL MANICOMIO   -    Madrid , Spain )


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