Thursday, 24 December 2015

Part 2 (outra nota para esta temporada) - It's Decemnber 24th and..........

Ok - I'll just keep this short and sweet.

It has been re-released!!!

(i want this - just stating so the elves at the north pole know..)

(picture found - posted by Christuan Scheuber)

oh, and.....
 (yes, it is just about to surface and....... i have been so well behaved, even the tooth fairy is on my side...)

This is the new recording - Gaia
(Richie Beirach - Regina Litvinova - Christian Scheuber)

The record is fresh out of the oven, so much so it hasn't gotten it's "clothes" on yet..

picture found - posted by Richie Beirach

So here it is.
My Christmas message this year seems to be all "want want want want want want want want"... (I know..)........, but, I also want,
each person that reads this blog,
to have a wonderful holiday season, no matter what I get or do not get.

We have seen such troubles through the year that I especially wish to see you receive the best of what life can give, and may Human kindness, be it where it may - relieve the load of those who need it most. I know it is commonplace to say it, and I say Human kindness because the troubles I mention are Human troubles. The best way to mend them is through Human action, the action of Human Kindness.

As for dogs, cats, strawberries, elephants, tigers, bears, whales, wolves, dolphins, ravens, squirrels, tadpoles, fish, giant redwood, olive trees, bees, blue spruces, cedars, kelp, tulips, carrots, cauliflowers (anything but turnips, they get on my nerves..) and the rest of the mob on the planet, just be as you are..  we need you, i for one need you (well, again the turnips..... We're still not on friendly terms...), and we also desperately need Human kindness (common sense, if you will).

Have a good, and a safe, Christmas.

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