Saturday, 19 March 2011

"Amen para uma Ausência" by the author who's birth was on the 16th, 3 days ago - Constança Capdeville

"Red Square" - 2007 © Guida Almeida
Today being Father's day in Portugal, I leave you with a piece entitled what in would literarilly in English read "Amen for an absence". This is an incredibly delicate work written by the Portuguese composer, who would have turned 74 three days ago. I dedicate it to all fathers: "absent" though they be ever present, as well as all those who are fathers everyday and still grace this earth, breathing "substance" and joy into the tender souls of their babes.

About the composer
Constança Capdeville having been born in Barcelona, through her parents, as a child met artists on the frontlines of that which was Avant-garde in the worlds of ART, people such as Salvador Dali among others. This interaction at such an early stage in life is likely to be one of the major reasons for the development of a highly intelligent, emotionally charged and artistically endowed mind. As a teacher; her uncanny, sharp, musical senses would imediately keen in on a person's capabilities. A talented sensitive composer in her own right, she has written countless pieces that have been interpreted by world-class performers. With inexplicable (sensory & extra-sensory) perception,
unstoppable ability to unlock, de-block, and unravel the art in others; she profoundly moved those about her. It was her nature to be thus.
A powerful creative and artistic force, her life affected countless colleagues and students. Among others, she was a close friend and coleague of Jorge Peixinho - also an extraordinary human being (composer.. teacher) who had played a pivotal role in Portuguese culture during his lifetime, and an influencing international, creative force to those contemporary to him across the globe. MAJOR musical authors of their time, these two beyond changing others around them, have changed history within their country and abroad. Lack of information regarding their lives or work is not only due to their physical disappearance, which still causes consternation among many a peer and loved one (those near them); but also on account of language and other reasons I wish not to mention at the present moment.

Please!! Enjoy the day! 

"Amen para uma Ausência" - by Constança Capdeville

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