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In an age of a confusing of 'Boundary' and 'Definition' we come to an apparent standstill, to a world full of the appropriation of Symbols made by others that we wish to use so as to reflect that which we want others to see us as 'Being'.  Although it is true that mankind has always built 'Invention', found it's artistic/creative inspiration by building on work  made by predecesors, this seems different.
It's true and we know all about the age old custom of composers, for instance, paying tribute to or inspiring each other by incorporating "musical quotation" or "reference" in their work  (Mozart<>Beethoven; Liszt<>Kagel; Peixinho<>Stockhausen;   Machaut's "Messe de Notre-Dame" on a cantus firmus;  Dufay, Ockeghem, desPrez, Palestrina and others on the "L'homme armé" secular song for their masses. Heaven's! Don't even get me started on Bach..   )

No, I'm referring to something else. This new age has wonderous things as all ages do (especially to the eyes of those who are contemporary to them) but just as everything and anything, it is a two-way street - good and preverse. This age of mass (speedy) communication that ironically also brings an increase in  incommunicability is also (by default if you will) an age of free appropiation of anything..
Moreover, even for those whom are accostumed and wish to make sure a source or author of that which is taken be known, is many times overwhelmed
(for a variety of reasons, in a sheer rush of speed and receiving a gargantuan-size amount of information).

In some aspects we seem to have returned to a quasi permanent state of adolecence where one bears the markings of one's "tribe" or teen-age - teenybopper type trend (mask).

All dressed in an attire of labels and gimmicks where the core meaning (if there is one) seems to this author as being rather lightweight (in most instances).

This is a trend in which no one has to risk revealing their own expression (some may think), where the Arts are "smallened" and/or banalized  (Pop Art for example).
 Art &  Architecture are still bringing their Neo-this and Neo-that into our Neo-Liberal world but it is a world that no longer retains the reality that such artistic movement relates to.
From around 2001 or so, something else has declared itself as being "fully grown" or "Post-postmodern" if you will.
It has been co-existing with the late in dying out trend - full of sarcastic cynicism typical of that which we call "Postmodernism" (of the Post-hippie & Post-punk movements); a movement that seems to have dealt that  final blow to 'ideology' and the 'grand-narrative'.

(Bolas, mas o que é que eu sei disto... .. Continuarei amanhã ou apago......... ) 


coming soon - Discussions on: The Death of Metanarratives; Art and The Neo-Liberal;

- By next November we shall start up various articles regarding art and its
transformations (causing change, or changing, due to socio-economic reasons as well as shifts in the perception of art ...)
- If you should wish to submit your views, please do so.
We will be more than happy to receive your comments, views, or articles.

Even champions of "individualism" such as Satre in later years professed the notion that it is not an individual or his/her personal freedom that matters but rather that of the collective; or rather that no Man is free unless all of Mankind is.

As the wall came down roughly 20 years ago and money began to freely circulate (just as people), I think the world jumped directly into it's next stage in Capitalism
- Capitalism went global and seems to have become an "Eastern" thing.
- We have thus come to that Neo-liberal world of the skeptical Postmodern Man who's superficial "reading" of reality as he/she poses: ironic, fancy, toying phrases - to vainly show how clever one can be without ever really wanting to address core issues, easily manipulated and/or brainwashed through tools such as those of Corporate media and such. Elections are thus fixed, money easily laundered and money... it knows no boundary nor owner.

How can Mankind be free, or democracy survive in such a world?

"Money" owns, manipulates, molds and takes hold of public decision with incredible ease as Free TRade Agreements and EU Treaties bring false economic growth through cheap slave labour.

Countries lose exports and strengthen imports (economies) of places that employ under slave labour conditions.

Those that Govern have different price tags and seem increasingly incompetent so as to enable this kind of phenomena. They are all "gift wrapped" and "sold" to us all shiny and nice though elections in a make-believe democratic rule.

No wonder Postmodern Man makes but half-witted jest and easy parody.
He/she has no time to think at all
and the will is to keep everyone in a superficial state of civic "numbness" where criminal corporate and/or political behavior not only is unaccountable, but even promoted.
Fines when applied are tiny compared to profits from such conduct and it seems criminal activity is thus rewarded even - by its victims (all of us).

We're force fed the idea that there's going to be a difference between this or that alternating political group.   So called specialists mimick and repeat, as they bombard their schizophrene type "reading" of what they invent to be reality  (some on purpose and others not) or what they're told to repeat
Just turn on any Television set and watch most news casts, hosts or commentators.
If some of what goes on in the world were not so tragic they would be right up there with the best in terms of comedy acts.
..... .. . ...

Speaking of the East, China has become a full fledged "Postmodern type nation"
- Despite their obvious atheism they've passed a law prohibiting Re-incarnation.


Said law states that one is only permitted to re-incarnate upon attaining the government's explicit authorization to no so.
(I still have a hard time writing this without tears running down my cheeks in laughter, and obviously if one thinks of the reason behind such a ridiculous law all smiles drop and a deep sadness comes over us as one recalls the millions of Tibetan deaths as China still attempts to control "body & soul" - or clean away any opposing forces)
...... ....... ..


Back to the end of the grand narrative (all the "isms" such as State Communism & Capitalism that insanely hurls forth seems likely to explode/implode soon)

Left / Right ideology makes no sense any more and are irrelevant to this world. They are non operational.
On this very topic I'll leave you with a video clip regarding Postmodern Man
(his whims, his fancies) : a video-clip I enjoy very much.

I think i'm going to enlist in some intense reality classes, I'm probably not seeing straight (no matter how much I enjoy the humour I keep feeling that this is what has been happening in this new - postwall - era)

I've never trusted banks they always want our money (even before we earn it and it's been that way since the 80s.  I also seem to remember that since the 70s when countries such as the States feel a bit short on cash, they just say "what? we need more cash? ok - make some more."
I don't know about you but to me, if you keep making money that doesn't exist, something is bound to happen.  .......but ah, what do I know? )

Perhaps this is simply a strange dream by an overactive imagination.
Since I'm dreaming I think I'll add a sountrack.  It always helps to have a sound track.

Bronx na Mouraria
a sample of music by colaborating musicians (- a worthwhile listen).  Have a nice day.

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