Friday, 22 October 2010

Art Exhibit - Alice Valente


Portuguese visual artist and poet - Alice Valente (Alice Valente Alves)
will finally open her art show entitled "traço: Verde"
- VERDE (Portuguese for the word green) is the eighth colour brought to inhabit her ongoing project "CORPOtraçoCORPO"

This art show shall open on Saturday, October 23rd (2010) and will remain thus upto November 27th (2010). Here, by clicking following link you will get the coordinates in order to find the show's precise location (with map) - ESTAÇÃO BIOLÓGICA DO GARDUCHO

On the whole it is an interdisciplinary (or multidisciplinary) project begun by Alice Valent in 2003 in which she combines fine arts and poetry. She has already brought to life and exhibitted seven of her nine chosen hues, each one of them being depicted though nine painted/written works. The projects final sum should thus come to 81 paintings, each work being equally portrayed through a poem.

Later on, when the ninth colour is finally unveiled, a book containing images and poems of the project's entirety, or rather, images of the 81 painted works of art along with their respective written versions (poems) shall be published.

Previous and future shows are chiefly focussed on each of the nine colours that she has chosen to produce said project, and this project's full force shall be felt when its 9th and last "traço" is drawn up. (traço - from the portuguese word for trace, drawn line, or mark)

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Alice Valente (Alice Valente Alves)

Alice Valente inaugura no próximo dia 23 de Outubro a exposição "traço: Verde", na ESTAÇÃO BIOLÓGICA DO GARDUCHO, perto de Mourão. É a 8.ª cor do seu projecto "CORPOtraçoCORPO" – um projecto de poesia e pintura. Estará patente até ao dia 27 de Novembro.

ALI_SE (blog)
Alice Valente Alves (site)

Outro Link, com com mais informação sobre esta artista plástico




  1. Thanks, Guida, for the links, but it will be Alice Valente work that unifies us at the moment.

  2. Let me amend the statement to - Alice's work and sweet frienship. (beijinhos) - Guida