Thursday, 23 February 2012

25 anos................ Zeca Afonso (a shadow that was cast 25 years ago today)

José Manuel Cerqueira Afonso dos Santos
(Zeca Afonso)
August 2, 1929 - February 23, 1987

This post is only in English mainly on account of his being a Portuguese Icon.. Even though he was well known in his day in many parts of the globe, in his nation his name is household .

To paraphrase a common saying from his country of birth; anything I could say to a Portuguese reader regarding Zeca Afonso would have the weight and significance of a few droplets upon a vast ocean.
(... seria "chover no molhado".)

I don't think I can possibly come up with anything to begin an account of the man. A champion of Art, of Song and Freedom. It's quite wonderful to recall his innocence, his talent and his love for his fellow man.

I can't even remotely begin to imagine the heartbreak and suffering it would cause him if he caught a glimpse of what has been going on lately.. here in his beloved Portugal, and elsewhere.

I know I can say ONE thing for sure.
I can say that the old maxim: « Anyone can be replaced » is utterly false, completely laid to waste, and rubbish when he comes to mind.

I'll leave you with two of many favourite pieces by José Afonso (Zeca).

.................. oops did I say two??!

Ok,ok, ok, I lied... :)

Share some loving kindness with your fellow man and have a nice day (please)
Take care