Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Jazz am Rhein 2017 - August 18 through 20 (International Jazz Festival @ Ludwigshafen am Rhein - Germany)

If you have the chance, by all means do not miss the opportunity to see this special event, this year marking the piano master - Richie Beirach's 70th birthday celebration (his having turned 70 last May).

It promises to be an absolutely magical event, counting on the awe-inspiring talent of the master himself and those close to him.
Joining him on stage shall be Jazz legend - David Leibman (old freind and spellbinding accomplice)

Also performing shall be The New Richie Beirach Trio that have just released the breathtaking álbum ''Gaia''.

(below is a short demo of that recording)

Recorded live, below is the Trio with one of the pieces from the álbum and in this case they were joined by Tobias Frohnhöfer who shall also be in attendance (as well as a number of other talented musicians)

LINK   - to the event

LINK to the event Schedule with the line up of concerts and each day's perfomaces' own event + details (available via the Festival's FB page)  

(below is a *Gaia-side view of a painted trio - Oh yes, I was going to write *seaside, but, some seas are metaphors for others .. and ...)
© GA


For those who shall have the good fortune to catch this happy chain of concerts, eventhough you shan't be in want of anything to add to the enchantment of each date - may the Perseids that are currently still showering our spinning blue ship as is sails around the universe, tagging along with all it's sister ships in our mothership's Solar Fleet, bring extra blessings each day and night.

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