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To smell the humidity of lemons on a blue backdrop with the temperature changing as line and circle meet or don't meet (remembering Kandinsky)

How could one not instantly understand Kandinsky's conclusions, even when first looking at the exercizes proposed to find them (and before they are given)?

Your mind instantly perceives where they will lead, and yet the feeling of arriving at his expected conclusion is as happy an event as if one had no idea of what they would show before hand.
The mind's eye is a powerful thing, so powerful that it invokes the other senses (equally powerful, yet they be not as obvious to some, as such. They are, nevertheless, any less - tools of perception, invoking thought, emotion, memory, and the 'sense of existence'. When any of the other senses invoke sight as well as the others, the ''path'' becomes richer.

Years may go by, but each time you think of this, the reason one recalls such things (an image, a sound, the touch of a loved one's hand, the temperature and hue of light as it falls upon one's skin, and other things) becomes more vivid it seems, which is odd, as it always seems vivid.

The difference in smell of the humidity in the air - and how it affects everything around you at the moment, for instance, is such a powerful thing that it instantly brings an avalanche of thought, emotion, perception, depth of ''understanding'' and richness in *recollection (*the triggers of recollection) - so instantaneous we barely notice which sense is first hit when perceiving what we perceive, and usually don't realize that it is what awakens all senses, as said avalanche of information ''comes in'', and assume it was another sense triggering things..
Of all the senses, it is perhaps the most instinctive, and instantaneous (as one suspects), so instantaneous we take it for granted and assume our thoughts, feelings and perception of what is ''viewed'' to stem from what is seen, touched or heard.

The only thing I imagine to be so powerful and fast, is the sense of touch - but that sense is also so powerful, we tend to take it for granted, almost as much, as it is so intrinsically tied to what we sense with our mind's ''nose''.
The temperature of light, for example, upon one's skin, instantly helps processes the ''smell'' of what we sense... ; the humidity, hue, type of sound, all going straight to our ''data banks'' - so as to perceive things. It is truly powerful, no doubt behind what we call ''chemistry'' behind the ''connection'' between beings, or even things - when appraising one's environment. Instantly in our ''gut'' we feel if things are ''right'' or ''wrong'', attraction or repulsion, worry, delight, desire, and so many other things we attribute to ''instinct'', or call  - ''chemistry''.

Ever wonder how, even before touching a loved one, for instance, we perceive something is ''off'' or ''wrong'', because of colour or sound..., but certain we become when we touch them (more freely sensing temperature and change in ''smell'') ?

(I'm terrible, as soon as I think of writing what I just wrote about ''smell'', a wisecracker side to me (we all have one in us, I suppose) comes seething in, with a will to make a number of remarks in jest, to taunt me, but I shall try to downsize my silly side, because I was thinking not in jest (but sometimes it is hard, oh so hard)..)

We sense they've been outdoors, moving around in a garden, or in streets with a musty - fumy, cold or warm environment, no matter how ''camouflaged'' their own ''smell'' is, which is always present, even after a bath and cologne - for the fragrances act upon that loved one, distinctly from others. This may be obvious to us but, let us think of a doctor, at the turn of the century (19th to 20th), for instance. He or she would ''look'', ''listen'', and while doing both, would be in tune with the person's breath, eye colour (if a recurring visit, to see if it ''adds up''), posture, and process many things as their visitor simply said ''Hello Doc''.  The more in tune with their senses, the better the doctor, no matter what technology was available to ''measure'' things. To this day, I doubt such a thing is different, whether said doctor is more amiable, talkative, or not (just as before).

Now how on earth did I get from Kandinsky to smelling the area behind the ear, of a loved one?

Ah yes, colours, lines, circles, things touching or not, et cetera...
(and perception.................,
                              emotion and thought)

A sense I had not mentioned yet,  powerful as the others, and as intrinsically tied to''touch'' and  ''smell'', is ''taste''.
All I wish to say with respect to that (so as to not run long on the subject) is,
let us think of our thought and  emotion when kissing a loved one's neck, back, behind the ear......

We also know how dangerous it can be to ''pollute'' the sense of taste. Spoiled food or toxic venoms can be polluted to such an extent that one's perception can be rendered ''defenseless'', and led to consume them.
One may never want to be in want of a bath, and a trash bin that has been peed upon by a beloved pet is not a pleasant thing to smell, hear or see being made ,
 (as it shouldn't be. It makes ''sense'' that it is not)
                  (let's leave ''taste'' and ''touch'' out of this one, shall we? Tee-hee-hee... Sorry, it is ever so hard not to get silly, sometimes ) -

- but we also mustn't forget that ''camouflaging'' or artificially altering things (in the individual, or collective ''sense'') can be just as dangerous as it can be useful.
(Personally, I prefer a lack of it, but I suppose it is legitimate in some cases (for an individual) - in terms of survival, for instance, which is something that I thankfully haven't experienced nor wish to, nor most of those that I am close to, with the obvious exceptions of those who experienced war, or other similar troubles)

 I suppose in today's world, full of things that alter what is around us, baffling instinct that took centuries (no, not centuries, many millenniums) to develop,  
(probably somehow transmitted in our DNA, over time, so profound is the impact of perceiving ''reality'' over so many eras of time. When I say ''our'' I mean all living things) , that ''pollution'' in sound, sight, smell... 
(harder to confuse the ''inherit'' mind with the sense of touch)
(perhaps the reason we find what we call ''chemistry'' between people, or other beings, is ever so powerful - when one senses it. It is the hardest sense to ''pollute'') 

has led us, somewhat, as a **friend** of mine says, wisely - to some of the insanity in the world 
(collectively, sometimes individually - for our senses confound us) ,
and also, on the other hand,  for some of us to increasingly give value to what many  call ''chemistry'' -  which can only truly be sensed by physical and ''real'' presence, where one ''looks'' and ''hears'', with all senses  active.  
  (when I use the term ''pollute'', I mean in both ways, what one calls *good or *bad.  I mean it in the sense of camouflage, or alteration by ''artificial'' means, be in done inadvertently - or not).This is rather ironic, in an age of social media and cyberspace.

How did I get from Kandinsky to eating melons that have been modified so as to taste like sardines (or pickles, or whatever..),
......Lucretia Borja's operatic persona's ring..., dog,
.............or kissing a loved one's neck ...............or a loved one kissing our's

Where was I.......?

Ah yes, colours, lines, circles, things touching or not, and so forth..

On perceiving the state of recovery in a parent (weaned off medication that altered them enough to commence their recovery) as they were asked to draw, a parent that saved my silly little life when my body went haywire one day, upon receiving news of a loved one..

.............ah yes, we are in March, the lemons are like tiny little suns, dangling against a bright, ever so beautiful blue sky..........
... aaaaaaaaaah, yes - ...............Kandinsky....

photograph - 03/03/2916, G. Almeida

(sentences with no End........... 

- and even with no beginning, come to think of it, 

............but it must be there............, it must be someWhere or Time, ...........somewhere.........)
India Ink on paper, 30cm x 42cm, 2015 - Guida Almeida
''O nascimento do 10'' exercize #3 

Goodnight ♥

(I look at the first image, with its yellows, its blues, its lines and shapes, plus whatever is ''in between'', and I sense the smell of the fragrant leaves, the fruit in the sun, the tempertaure of everything as light deflects or hits, and the air. I'm feeling it right now as I look. 
I now perceive the delicate but powerful strength of a leaf close to the top of the image, not yet able to touch the edge of the rectangle we see, trying to climb. 

Lower, close to the middle and somewhat to the left is a twig that is trying to touch another leaf, it is so close that it is even more powerful than the action above.

Goodnight, once again)

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  1. I probably should have posted a link to work, and theory written, by the great Kandinsky.

    He was such a special artist, and still so pertinent in this day and age......... (in so many ways, it seems to me)