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Apontamento provindo da terceira bola voadora em torno do Sol, escrito noutro idioma (e não sabem a sorte que têem, pois escrevo mal em todas as línguas) - goodnight.

Although he (the man speaking in the video-clip below) speaks of the world, and knowing he only mentions some of the european countries, Canada, the US, Australia, while leaving out countries in the middle and far east, the entire African and South American continents, nations such as Russia, India.. He, nevertheless, does make some valid points, but of course one must look at the small group he mentions and be knowledgeable of their great wealth, obtained from poaching (thus the rise in such activity these past few years, bringing about actual extinction or placing some on the brink of it as never before) and -

the incredible wealth obtained from the "bargain hunter sale" of petrol from wells taken over as terrain was conquered in parts of Irak..........as they simultaneously installed a cold-blooded civil war in Syria, probably with the excuse of finding a route for Qatar's natural Gas (if I'm not mistaken, in 2013 Qatar, so dear to SA, became the leading country for natural gas) to get to that nice juicy consumer - EU, by reaching Turkey (and for that it would have to go through Syria, right?).

So, there is a small, though well organized group of rich, spoiled, blood thirsty, cold blooded brats, who say they must assassinate -
(some crazy cults as we know do say they believe in God, and propose to represent such an entity, such as the KKK or ISIS, or Jim Jones.. and they're usually filthy rich and power crazed)
- for some reason or other..

 (excuses, excuses, always these half witted excuses.. I mean how can one ever portray all christians on the model of the KKK and forget a Martin Luther King or Mother Teresa.......,
or Mandela?
How can one Portray all Muslims based on the model of ISIS and forget - (goodness how memory is quick to forget someone still so young and so very amazing)
- the wonderful Malala Yousafai!
With regard to the North and South American indigenous peoples - doesn't Leonard Peltier, for instance, ring a bell?
I won't even bother to search other big religions such as Hinduism or Buddhism. Let us leave it at Gandhi, among others (for both religions, as a matter of fact), and not measure those religions by any small group of crazies there may ever occur therein.
As for the Jewish religion -
(yes, like the others there is a minority within that faith that are not recommendable , but,
Spinoza / Hannah Arendt / Gustav Mahler / Marc Chagall....... oh what was the name of that jewish friend of RabinathTagore? - ummmm, ah yes, Albert Einstein.. As I was saying.....
Oh, goodness me, age is taking its toll on my memory. Didn't I mention the fact that the jewish person still most spoken of - to this day - (and to my knowledge) is someone loved and important to Christians, yes, and to Muslims also?)

- should one forget the excuses that have fueled horribly sad deeds? )

(since facebook is so popular with some - a video from that social network - but the only thing weak in this small group of fanatics that remind me of KKK among other fundamentalist minor factions of large religions - is the number of fanatics, for they are strong in money, armament (litteraly seems to fall in their lap) and strategy, be it in their own terrain.. topling local governments or creating civil war as they have in Irak and Syria - or wherever they seem to set their twisted little minds to)



Ah yes, the religious subject at hand, the Muslim faith, so one should be afraid of and hurt Malala? Wait, someone remind me, who it was that shot her?

Who shot Dr. Martin Luther King, Malala?
Who sent Jesus to the cross, Spinoza? (.., Einstein? .., Tagore?)
Who shot Gandhi, Mother Teresa? (.., Cat Stevens? )

I'm so confused.

Image from 

I know, I'll just stick to atheists. They're less confusing and I absolutely adore Mr. Hawking.
Now who was it that, ummmmm.. that passed a law (think it was in 2007 when that beauty came to surface) strictly prohibiting, any reincarnation whatsoever unless government appoved?

What is wrong with the world, is something missing? - A little common sense, perhaps?

I could mention a few, but for some reason I choose someone who speaks of religions..
Here: a renaissance philospher http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/pico-della-mirandola/

Some of his findings on free will - and regarding human dignity http://www.brown.edu/Departments/Italian_Studies/pico/

He died far too young - on Novemnber 17, 1494 - perhaps for the crime of thinking

I just banned him from my facebook account, because I feared his profile image - the good thing is I just banned him from my account, I didn't shoot him "by mistake" and ask questions after.
The thing is - I have a problem with "collateral damage", it just always seems to rub me all wrong.
If some are so smart, elected even - to represent us, or hold on to guns in our armies and be run by whom we are told to believe are intelligent - why is it that there is so much collateral damage, and why are so many forced to flee for their lives?



...that's it. Those lovable ocean mammals, they're intelligent, sensitive, funny... socially functioning animals....  oh, wait.....
There is now and then, the rapist, murdering specimen, of baby and other adult dolphins (yes, they too, burdened with all that intelligence, as a species, have problems with the ocassional psyco dolphin).

ok- Sharks, no longer dealing with mammals,
........but they have too many teeth, make me uncomfortable, and are terrified of all dolphins.. Piranas? Nah, they're a nag..

Insects. The cockroach (oh yuck! Now I'm grossing myself out.. I'm sure they're important for the ecosystem but...)

I'll just look at the trees, hope one doesn't squish me.. or hurl a giant fig at me with the excuse of..,
"oh, it was the wind"

♥ goodnight

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  1. Just read this news article and decided to share it. The journalist's depiction of "who is feared" is particularly apropos
    ► http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/nov/16/isis-bombs-hostage-syria-islamic-state-paris-attacks