Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Leonard Peltier - (clemensy request) time is truly of the essence

I leave a link to Amnesty International's recent article regarding the case for whomsoever may wish to read it.


I also leave a link to a past article from this blog regarding Leonard Peltier also hoping whomsoever does not recall the case or for some reason does not know of it may read more on the topic and thus become enlightened.


Dear Mr. Barack Obama
Please Mr. President, please Sir, grant the man his wish.

If you are not the one dear Sir, to set things straight and give the man his freedom, I can not imagine who will. (.........and it has been so long, give the man his freedom (please)...)
Time is indeed, as I'm sure you're aware, running so short.
You and he are in my prayers.  

I shall leave a video-clip with a request for your mercy, for clemensy.

Please Sir ...........
(please set a wrong thing you had no power to stop when it happened, aright.)

(I also leave another, the "first part" in case anyone should wish to view it as it has some extra details, though it's similar for the most part)

This photograph can be found HERE

This photograph can be found  HERE

“Freedom is indivisible; the chains on any one of my people were the chains on all of them, the chains on all of my people were the chains on me.” 
― Nelson MandelaLong Walk to Freedom: The Autobiograpy of Nelson Mandela with Connections

A man who was completely innocent, offered himself as a sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies, and became
the ransom of the world.

― Mahatma Gandhi

 what is the difference 
 between the light and the darkness 
 that seems to surface through my eyes' 
 apertures, from my seat of rust 
 I can't tell if it's the glint of chains 
 in the cell, or the god of nature 
 behind the wall 

― Liu Xiaobo, 
"Daybreak" June 30, 1997

 Even one voice can be heard loudly all over the world in this day and age 
― Aung San Suu Kyi 

As we have been living in a world full of "quotes" and "quick to read" messages, I leave one more image:
a visual deconstucted poem : based on the words of Dr. Martin Luther King (MLK) 
 «Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. 
This is the interrelated structure of reality.»

 To quote someone from Portugal:
"I may not be able to straighten out the entire world but I can certainly help by not making it more crooked"
João(..) de Sande Freire
(the only grandparent alive 

when I was born - the only one I actually knew.
Please let Leonard's grandchildren and the rest of his family 

have the pleasure of his company for whatever time, 
be it short as it may be, is left of his life.)

good night.
(signing this post and on behalf of this blog - Margarida Costa)

Boa Noite

This photograph can be found  HERE

(I do hope that this post is helpful in getting the message across)

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Lew Soloff

Oh Lew, I'll love your trumpet playing forever.
Bless you

(hard to believe the news)

Thank you so much for the gift you shared with us.. so special..

(I hate these posts.. when someone like you goes..)

The National Conservatory of Lisbon - I post this with respect and love / O nosso querido conservatório nacional (neste caso o mais velhinho, embora estime todos)

I leave you a post with a sample of our oldest National Conservatory with as much pride as sadness of heart for the way our nation throws away and into the trash bin its talent, it passionate champions for the country's poetic discourse, the heart of its artistic expression.

I am as much ashamed of the nation's leaders over the decades regarding its creative talent as I am proud of what springs forth from a labour of love, as can be seen below.

(the following is a translation into English of the words of the video's author, available at the bottom of this post and contained therein)

" The performers, children between the ages of 10 and 11, belong to the school's first and second grades. They are performing in the school's main hall - "Salão Nobre" - and thus receive the benefit of its acoustics.
Yesterday they held a concert masterfully conducted by their maestro - Ricardo Mateus.

At the end of the concert they performed this piece with no conductor, a peice that according to their teacher they habitually play whilst awaiting his arrival in class. Students of this calibre deserve in the least - a school"

I'll also leave two online petitions for the saving of said School, a landmark in the history of western music in Portugal and home to generations of cultural heritage of the highest order. In it are not only the lives of those, past and present, that sprang to their vocations in Music, Dance, Theatre Arts and Cinema, it boasts priceless treasures of the plastic arts beautifully crafted in appreciation of said school.

Petition A   //  Petition B 
(both petitions may be signed by anyone. I hope you do read and eventually sign either or both of them)

It is not only due to loved ones and family members in the past, myself included, having gone to said school that I post this and it is not (regrettably) the first time I write due to the way the nation treats its National Conservatories (the one in Lisbon and its sister schools in Oporto, as well as other cities throughout the land).
I do however hope that if ever I feel the urge to write about these schools again it will be for happier purposes.

Best and warmest wishes
-  thank you very much for reading.


Raramente me auto-traduzo, não por não respeitar ou acarinhar quem leia nesta nossa língua, isso nunca, mas por perder a vontade em dizer novamente a coisa.

Com o que outros escrevem ou dizem o oposto sinto, serão porventura os paradoxos das traduções e dos que tal fazem (seja com que motivo for que o fazem, por contratação ou por outros motivos quaisquer), não sei, mas admito-o com sinceridade, e não por qualquer falsa humildade.

Outros têm falado sobre o assunto vergonhoso do estado do nosso Conservatório Nacional (este de Lisboa e de outros, também eles tão importantes), e a forma que o Estado lida com uma herança cultural destas proporções, e de forma muito mais eloquente e sucinta que eu possa alguma vez fazer.

Num país que deita fora as suas pessoas, onde elas são desprezadas ao ponto de lhes colocar num estado de pobreza, onde se destrói conquistas bem antigas como as que foram implementadas por um Manuel de Passos (na altura estando efectivamente o país na maior das crises) e os restantes que com ele governavam o país, onde se arruína propositadamente o SNS sem pestanejar, isto pode ser de esperar, mas este, o do ensino especializado artístico, assim como a Cultura, não é um flagelo de há meia dúzia de anos.
Um país onde se destrói e combate com desprezo a sua criação artística (e científica, também, não o nego), é um país que se mata, um país onde a sua "alma" e sua "expressão" é quebrada.
Neste tipo de morte colectiva nunca há uma missa solene, nem lágrima, nem reconhecimento nem nada.. Apenas um vazio, um definhar até ao último esguichozinho fininho, já apenas com umas últimas gotículas onde nem a linguagem fica de pé, um vazio sem escolta e sem alarido pela morte, um nada, um vazio, um silêncio sepulcral que nem medonho é, um nadinhazinho que coitadinho ficou calado para sempre.

(texto do autor do video aqui colocado mais abaixo)
"Hoje houve concerto da Orquestra do 1º e 2º grau do Conservatório (crianças com 10 e 11 anos), muito bem dirigida pelo maestro Ricardo Mateus. No final tocaram uma peça que, segundo o maestro, é o que fazem enquanto esperam pelo professor. O que se ouve não está a ser dirigido. Alunos assim merecem, no mínimo, uma Escola" - Paulo Oliveira.

Os meu sincero bem haja a quem por aqui passar, mesmo que não assine as petições aqui contidas (embora gostasse muito que o fizessem), pois quem nos trata como lixo não lê este blogue certamente. 

Deixo novamente ligações para ambas as petições que existem ''online''
Petição Pública  // Petition Avaaz

Votos de um excelente Domingo, a todos.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Um livro precioso / Love the book and couln't recommend it more highly

The book is extraodinary as much as it is to the point, clear, full of insight, based on extensive research of high scientific weight yet incredibly poetic (perhaps it couldn't be any other way with what is studied here), compact and powerful.

Thank you Carlos Alberto Augusto!!!

É tão bom nem se poder duvidar se por motivos de amizade nos atinge um trabalho, seja, pois não é preciso tais coisas a respeito do livro que aqui trago.
Uma maravilha que "fala" por si, e de que maneira. 

Ia citar uma passagem, mas para além de não conseguir escolher.. (há coisas que são assim, de início ao fim, especiais e com uma força que só visto...., aaaaaaaaaah, como o autor vai me zingar por empregar a palavra "visto".. ahahaahaha, mas é que a língua é assim mesmo, que fazer?? ..este livro até nisto faz um impacto que.., que só "visto")


Leiam, por favor leiam.. (nem mais nada digo)

Ligação para quem ainda não o tenha lido ou o deseje arranjar.Ligação para o "sítio" do autor.


The model that serves as a backdrop for the book, upon where it rested so as to be photographed had to be in the picture. It had to be this way. I want to show my appreciation of the work by placing it on a being I love so very much. No underlying motive in relation to the book, just due to the appreciation the existence of certain things and beings.

LINK - for those who haven't yet had the chance to read or aquire said book
 - LINK to the author's site
- or this LINK that goes directly to the site's "news" section.

Have a lovely March 
(such a special month, love this month)