Thursday, 1 December 2011

Liszt & Kagel in two performaces musically linked in both composition and interpretative quality

I've posted at least one of them before (Liszt) and the other (the Kagel piece) I performed in front of (for) a beloved teacher 20 years ago.
This is my way of trying to keep my mind on a pleasant note on this "Independance Day" (December 1st), apparently the last to be celebrated (so say the rulers of this land), just as or even more bizarrely shall happen with the 5th of October - the day that celebrates the Proclaiming of The Portuguese Republic.

I'll make another post after this with something also to commemorate the holiday. For now I just want to bathe my ears and heart in this...

I'll also leave here in this post a picture I took with a representaion of one who's lifetime was cut short 75 years ago, yesterday on the 30th of November, at the age of 47. - the man of many faces - the man who was multitudenous and plural.
Fernando Pessoa June 13, 1888 - November 30, 1935 photo by G. Almeida

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