Thursday, 8 December 2011

December 8 - Holiday / Dia da Conceição

É o dia da São!!! :)

Today being a holiday and also the birthady of a very dear friend,
São Correia, I leave a picture of her and that of two musicians:
Bird & Gillespie - these two came to Lisbon days ago and posed just for me : )
whereas the picture of my friend I confess having had to resort to "theft" (after attaining a "licence to steal")

Yes it's her birthday and believe you me when I say it puts a smile on the faces of many.

Among her many activities, she teaches and exerts a truly strong & profound influence upon student and community alike. Everytime I see people complain about youths being this or that, (teachers, coaches, and many others)
regarding their acting like ruthless cut-throats, bullies or such, I think of her.
She not only doesn't complain, or give up on kids, she truly makes a difference, probably not realizing the impact she has on so many.
It's a wonderous thing to see this kind of human being at work, and to call her a friend, well, that's a blessing.

I now go to the picture below.. Gillespie & Parker

Back in the 70s I met these two at school, they were responsible for the bulk of the first years of my music education. I've always wanted the chance to boast this truth - In the school's Music Department the teachers were in fact
Gillespie and Parker :)
They really were :)

(D Gillespie & W Parker)
- the first being the Department Head and my teacher for most classes over a four year period and the latter completely possessed/overwhelmed by J S Bach I must add - and thank goodness!

The Atlantic is a "playground" (so it seems), my soul forever floating to and fro from one side to another in an endless multifaceted journey irridiating the shadows that mirror my inner being.
(a perfectly normal thing to feel for anyone, I know and probably the reason such sentiment seems vivid and alive)

On another note, yet still on the subject of "soul",
It has also been 7o years last September since the birth of a man I had not yet celebrated. This seems quite absurd since his music is one of my "mainstays". It is also fitting for the day, as is mentioned above, is the birthday of a truly lovely soul and her cherished life partner is a master of the genre (musical genre also Hehehe..).
So I'll leave a little Otis to warm things up a little.

Desejo a todos um bom feriado.


  1. There are som many Otis pieces to add, it's hard to choose! I'll just add two more :)



    I wish all great & warm December!
    - and a happy one by all means!

  2. ok, only one or two more, ok.. :)



    The previous ones in the comment above being
    "I've been Loving You Too Long"
    "Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa - Sad Song"

    respectively, I now go and repeat my wishes for all to have a happy, warm, very safe December.