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Hapi's sibling - iseetheriverbeforeme - Flowing in Prayer form

a greyish blue matter flows
blinded by its own margins, innocent,    
not worrying of whence it came from nor where it goes.  
it is in no hurry. 
perhaps fully aware that it's truly another form of itself  
in a state of fluidity, 
fruition of a love well spent
upon a weak body.

An apparent amorphic compound  -
It is,
in all its forms and frailties
a pure form of its multitudinous self.

 (by: Maria MFA Costa - aka: Guida Almeida) 
the above words taken from

 I leave here a short playlist - by "Longitude Zero" 

Here below is a short playlist with some concerts I enjoy.
(or click here if you wish to view the list of concerts below)

 Deixo seguidamente uma "playlist" com alguns dos  muitos concertos que aprecio.

Sonnets from the Portuguese
Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806–1861)
         THE SOUL’S Rialto hath its merchandise;
            I barter curl for curl upon that mart,
        And from my poet’s forehead to my heart
      Receive this lock which outweighs argosies,—
         As purply black, as erst to Pindar’s eyes        
      The dim purpureal tresses gloomed athwart
 The nine white Muse-brows. For this counterpart,
       The bay-crown’s shade, Belovèd, I surmise,
             Still lingers on thy curl, it is so black!
         Thus, with a fillet of smooth-kissing breath,       
           I tie the shadows safe from gliding back,
           And lay the gift where nothing hindereth;
         Here on my heart, as on thy brow, to lack
      No natural heat till mine grows cold in death.

I also leave you with a piece that is very dear to me 

Still Life (still life?) - India ink on paper
©Guida Almeida

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