Friday, 11 March 2016

There is an eternity in each moment, each moment infinite, and joy - springing from one infinite to another... (Naná)

How could I not write something about Naná?

The sun shines brightly for some;
for some each ray dances upon their soul
in a rich myriad of tones and hues
- so warmly kissing the outer shell that all clouds,

skin, and sinew bear no barrier.
 It seeps in, and right back out

- in it's rebound, beautifully tempered

(perfectly natural for life's gourmets)

- warming,  increasing the flow in others.

The individual's personal sun
does the same unto the rest.

It shines, dances it's way through all barriers,
No care of dimension, size or span -
it acts, plays, touches, braves through it all
as if it were nothing, as a frolicking butterfly in the wind, above flowers
of all sizes, strengths, and colours
-  in this blue garden of delights (terrible and beautiful, of sorrow and love).

When your personal sun shines upon others
you understand the universe a little better..

It is the sharing that bursts any bubble
that devides any thing
or time.

This is one of the beauties of music, and of being

To Naná Vasconcelos

(beautiful soul)

(photo: a Philips record cover, ''Amazonas")

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