Saturday, 5 September 2015

September and three blogs to post - ok - I might as well start with a beauty pageant. Why not? ('Heavens to Murgatroyd' - i'm writing about a beauty pageant!!)

I admit that ever since I can remember beauty pageants repel me, something about measuring human worth in contests where the superficial values of one's physique are weighed always made me turn away and not care for them in any way whatsoever, not even enough to take them seriously so as to merit criticism.

I suppose it is related to the reasons the Oddessy and its "world" always appealed more to me than that of the Illiad, although obviously one without the other would have a fraction of its worth, one relating the "journey to" (a destination), the other back, and what each reveals about those particular worlds and changes, or differences, therein.

I won't be a hypocrite and say that (in my case) a man's physical attribute's doesn't affect me, or catch my attention, but attraction and appeal (in my case) need way much more than that.

This said and eventhough exceptions always seem to reinforce a rule, as in this case. I feel an exception such as this is stronger still due to an ironic situation.
One sees where what is usually deemed as a path par excellence for conformity and entertainment for the masses, moreover a model for it, in our present times of mass consumerism, labels, where the contents of a package are downsized and of residual relevance (in this case "package" being an individual, anyone of us), in value never more than a second place at best,
in favour of the package's appearance
(the wrapping - so to speak), here
one is taken by surprise by receiving a request for people to think "outside the box", presented with a  light for non-conformity right in the heart of the realm of conformity.

Competitions of this nature, be they to crown a Mr/Miss/Mrs Universe, or others, where a panel of "judges" for the most part are requested to value one's physical attributes, far too similar to the judging of cattle for my taste, may have brought us the likes of a Sarah Palin (a female version of Donald Trump, but without the bad hair) but also people such as this young lady.
It commands my respect that someone like her should subject herself to a pageant, but after becoming aware of the competition's theme I understood a little more how, in this case, it could be possible.

I believe it is the first time (I doubt it will happen again, but who knows?)  that I do not look upon such a competition as a joke, and am thankful for being thus contradicted.

I leave you now with this year's Mrs. Universe.

(taken from this article - LINK , found on a friend's Social Network account's wall)


Wishing all a good day

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