Thursday, 13 August 2015

International Jazz Fest on the Rhine (2015) - Friday & Saturday, Aug. 21, 22.

A wonderful line-up of concerts, if you love music and are fortunate to be in the vicinity, by all means do not miss this.


- 19h
Red Orchestra: Angela Requena Fuentes (dr), Paul Janoschka (p), Jan Dittmann (b)

- 20.30h
Richie Beirach (piano solo)

- 22h
Susan Weinert Global Players Trio: Susan Weinert (g), Martin Weinert (b), Florian Schneider (dr)


Ylativ Algo: Olga Reznichenko (p), Jan Kyncl (t sax), Vitaly Kiseleve (tp), Lukas Growe (b), Philip Theurer (d)

Regina Litvinova (p), Tamara Lukasheva (v)

Drei im roten Kreis meets the Talking Horns:
Achim Fink (tba/trb), Andreas Gilgenberger (sax), Stephan Schulze (tba/trb), Berns Winterschladen (sax), Reiner Witzel (sax), Joscha Oetz (b), Christian Scheuber (d)



(regarding the photos: I'm only aware at the moment of the author of Richie Beirach's (which is on his "Trust" Album) - an image by David Tan,
  and two others among those I just found on the internet : Drei im roten Kreis - by Manfred Rinderspacher,

  and Susan Weinert's which is by Michael M. Roth)

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