Monday, 13 July 2015

Message to His Excellency, Prime Minister Αλέξης Τσίπρας

I wish to convey my respect, and admiration for the battle you face, in attempting to not only save your nation but what Europe should stand for.  It is ironic the nation that gave birth to "Western Thought" and to Democracy should stand up to the face of that which now so openly opposes both and the "European dream", a dream built at such a high cost in the not so distant past. It further commands respect and solidarity when considering the hardship your country is subjected to. Even the absurd excuse of using "creative" accounting in the past by the very same entities that now directly or indirectly bleed you as well as the rest of the European peoples (Goldman Sachs comes to mind, among other vicious thieves) is not only unacceptable but Kafkian to say the least.

As said by a great human being in the past:
"In the end we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends" (Martin Luther King Jr.)

My government here in Portugal and the head of state by no means represents me or many I hold dear, in this country and abroad.

This has not even been an issue of Left or Right for some time now, but rather right and wrong.
"They" (the assassins of Europe and democracy) are wrong.
They have turned a "WE" into "they", into "those over there" and "these over there" - typical of those who see human beings as a commodity and not as people.

"They" do not respect people. "They" do not like the Spaniards, Germans, Portuguese, Danes, Belgians, Italians, Fins, Mattese, Irish, Austrians, Swedes, British, French, Greeks, or any other peoples of Europe. In fact, they do not like People, period. (whether from inside or outside of Europe).

Although, as I said above, I do not feel represented by the government in this country (Portugal), I must say that if any person exterior to this land were to be so base and improper in an official summit or meeting of any kind as (oh my, I seem to have forgotten the man's name though I do recall that no nation elected him to be the head of any state - let us call him "What's His Name")..
- as What's His Name, towards the person this sovereign state elected (even if the person is the one we presently have, or others we've had in the past, much to my despair) it would not only be foul in terms of protocol (if such meetings are to be taken seriously by the people in general) but an insult to the nation and the nation's freedom to elect whomsoever they please, as well as the other heads of state and states in said meetings. I'm constantly shocked by our election outcomes, seldom not, nevertheless it would still be unacceptable.  Moreover, those who elect are the ones who can keep or eventually remove a nation's government unless there is an invasion, a state of WAR and an invasion.
This is another reason I write to you, dear sir. I am shocked that Europe has "officially" come to this and not just behind questionable curtains of Lobbies and hidden agendas.

Those who know me personally would find it bizarre to see me speak either of protocol or of nations in this way (I never was, nor am I, fond of borders - and - protocol is to me just a ritual that sometimes aids dialogue between who may or may not get along, but nevertheless must talk. Since I'm in the Arts, I have as much use for it as a giraffe has for crochet needles. As a matter of fact, just the mention of a giraffe using crochet needles poses many images, all of them with much more dignity and productive than ..ah, if only I could recall the man's name).

I ask your indulgence for my "casual" way of writing and am embarrassed that Europe has become "cannon fodder" for lowly people such as What's His Name. "They" do in fact have an uncanny resemblance to those in ISIS and the likes. I would not be in the least bit surprised if I were to find out, for instance, that they
"invest" - or had invested - in oil from certain oil fields, it seems to be concurrent with "their" religion.
I shall not mention What's His Name any more for he is soiling my message.

I humbly thank you, and how I wish my thanks could be of any practical use. It is but words, though they are sincere.

Even though I do not know if you will see this message,
I truly wish you the very best, and that you receive the aid you not only deserve, but need.

Any man who can retain his dignity amidst such dealings not only commands respect, he shines the light of dignity upon those who placed him in office.

Image: a rather old but effective way to keep thieves at bay (window in my hometown | Convento dos Cardaes - founded by Dª Luisa de Távora, built in the early XVII century, resisted the catastrophic earthquake & tidal wave of 1755 - photo by G. Almeida)

Post Scriptum:

 I'm not aware of where negociations are exactly at this point, but I see some reactions on "twitter" to suggest one has been reached, I  hope that any "deal" made on behalf of your people does not come out as further pillage. I will say no more for it is easy for me to sit and write a message. I have no idea what it is to have the responsibility of relieving  a nation that has seen in the past weeks even more relentless underhanded attacks through the "temper tantrums" of babies (without the lovability of infants) who have far too much power and have been spoiled rotten by the EU.
I can not imagine the pressure of knowing you must be able to put "food on the plate" (I use the metaphor but fear how literal it may infact be for your nation under such ruthless bullying by psycopathic, terrorist thought and capabilities from people who are in dire need of a good spanking).

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(post author: Maria M FA Costa)

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