Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Earth Day / Dia da Terra

 - to those who always or easily coin phrases such as "I hate people" or "the more I know animals the more I hate Humans"
(always bizarre to hear since Humans are animals, not vegetables or minerals)
or other such sayings.  When one sees behavior that is deemed as being astounding or beautiful to one's mind's eye in other beings, one is always doing so through Anthropomorphism whether one likes it or not unless the person is in fact themselves a dog, shark, caterpillar, tiger, dinosaur, gorilla, echinoidea, elephant or other animal. How can one ever propose to view the world other than through the conscience of that which one is, I ask?
It appears to me that we will only truly love our planet, with all its plants, animals and minerals, when we are capable of embracing not only its virtues but its flaws. This obviously doesn't mean that terrible gestures born from greed, intolerance and hatred are good, but it is knowing that such exists that one stands the test of loving one's planet.
On a simpler and personal level, in order to truly love another person whether that person be a romantic partner, blood relative or friend, one must accept the person for what he or she is.  If we want to change them it is because we in fact are in love with someone else and not with that person; we love whom we deem that person ought to be in our eyes and not who they are.
Still speaking of our planet, on another level there are plants one may appreciate more than others, I for instance have a heavy distaste for turnips, not visually, just can't stand the taste of them. I may go as far as to suggest I have a hard time accepting their existence but in truth would never wish to contemplate those who for some strange reason love them, going without. Moreover I would never blame a Giant Sequoia for the existence of turnips.

(sure, sure, I give in, for the purposes of metaphor we can exchange the tree for a beetroot or a potato, fine, alright by me, whatever.. geez)

Ok, it may seem easier to generically love all plant life, including turnips, so let us go back to the animal kingdom.
Even our beloved dolphins, social animals, known for their high intelligence and extraordinary behavior even towards many other species of animals (ok, with an exception for sharks, ok)
have some members with disorders. On occasion some are psychopaths, committing murder, rape, infanticide and other terrible acts.
 Let us accept temporarily the fantasy that Humans are not animals. Would the same people who say Humans are bad as opposed to "animals" have the same measure for judging dolphins or, through the position of the "benevolent god" look down upon them and say, "Oh no, in their case no".
Since the "judge" has taken upon him or herself the judgement of that which is an animal accepted and that which is not, that person puts themselves in the position of a superior being, or if you will as "God" above others.
Regardless of one believing or not in God there is a balance in nature and most things surpass our mortal existence.  Most of the time one is either unborn or has passed, between such frontiers we live.

Life is short, why must one in conscience rush others into pain or suffering?

Magnum photographer - Raymond Depardon,'s Tribute to Basaglia- LINK New Book: MANICOMIO Secluded Madness  

photo: (Magnum founding member) Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1930

photo: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Lisbon - 1955

photo: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dieppe, France, 1926 (click on the image for an unfettered view)

photo: Marc Riboud - 1967  (Magnum photographer) 

photo: - Raymond Depardon,'s Tribute to Basaglia- LINK New Book: MANICOMIO Secluded Madness  

This is my post for Earth day.

Have a nice day.

Richie Beirach performing Bill Evans's "Peace Piece"

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