Wednesday, 5 October 2011

October 5, the founding of a Repubic and what has become of her.. (pela Republica, um Requiem, 5 de Outrubro)

"During the economic crisis, in 1836, in which I was forced to make budget cuts of all kinds I raised as far as I could the funding for Public Education." (translated words of Passos Manuel in Parliament, May 21st - 1856)

"Em momento de crise, em 1836, em que fiz todas as economias, eu aumentei quando pude a despeza da instrucção pública" - Discurso de Passos Manuel, Sessão da Câmara dos Deputados, 21 de Maio de 1856.

(Passos Manuel or Manuel Passos - b. 1801 | d. 1862)

Today being a national holiday in Portugal commemorating the founding of the Republic and the end of monarchy in the land, I leave you with an exquisite Requiem written to pay homage to statesman Passos Manuel - a celebrated 19th century 'Minister for the Kingdom' and noted 'Constitutionalist' Liberal (Left-Wing).
Please bear in mind that the century before the onset of the Republic was one of Civil Wars in the country, and despite being a monarchist, this brilliant politician nevertheless embraced Left ideals.

I quote the man bilingually once again:

The Queen rules the entire country and before my being leftist I already was 'for the country'. My country is my 'political party'.

"A Rainha é o chefe da nação toda. E antes de eu ser de esquerda já era da Pátria. A Pátria é a minha política."

I now leave a Requiem masterfully written in 2004 by a talented Eurico Carrapatoso.
The first public hearing of the piece was two years afterward and by 2008 finally a recording was made.  In my opinion 2008 being a turning point in the world crisis, the "bursting of the bubble" so to speak, I find it rather ironic that this requiem in a "cd" format finally reach daylight.

(I also re-post a painting placed in this blog at the beginning of the
year - link to ORIGINAL POST)
© de Guida Almeida, c. 2002 (fotografia de Sandra Ramos)

Happy October 5.


  1. Das palavras de Passos Manuel para o Requiem do Eurico Carrapatoso que, bem a propósito, utiliza bastante a expressão 'cabedal de instrução'.
    Obrigado, Guida.

  2. Muito obrigada eu, Carlos, pelo teu comentário!