Monday, 11 July 2011

Lopes Graça and Arvo Pärt - masterfully rendered by Miguel Henriques

Musical creation depends of course on the score's author but it is by the graceful and skillful hand of he (or she) whom *translates* said score that one receives the gift of a musical "presence".
It is the performer who provides me (us) - the recipient of the piece
(weather such a recipient be the author, anyone of us, or even him/herself)
with the "Work of Art", in this case a piece of music.

A performer can indeed :
  • "make or brake" a work of musical Art (so to speak)
  • unveil hidden forms of "reading" a work through his/her rendition, or hide and mask its intrinsic beauty.
  • give a comprehensive *translation* of the author's work, or turn it to gibberish.

I thus leave two magnificent musical works of art performed by Miguel Henriques.

Fernando Lopes Graça "Elegy"

Arvo Pärt "Für Alina"

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