Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Full Concert (and a personal note) - Shadows and Light

The Barn's Memory - G. Almeida, (circa) 1976

Within Light's Shadow

Bathed in darkness one finds doors to freedom
No clutter, no noise caused by Light's distractions.
Myriads of shadows befalling each step whilst pacing trails of Pain's inner depths .

Pain? A necessary remedy for rising to one's fortitude?

Without it one is but an empty sheet tossing in the night's wind.
No weight to one's loss, no frailty.

Without frailties,
to become non-human, monsterous, lacking shadows or scars inflicted through the pain of Light,
rendered unconscious to one's mortal forms,
to be suprahuman?

( No )
I give thanks to Flaw and am returnéd..

Uplifted only upon descent.
Past the visible world.
Past pain, oblivion and vulnerability.

Light thriving,
born from all darkened moments.

In the bosom of Light's Shadow to be soothed, annointed, rubbed.
Thenceforth "becoming" from whence one was not,
or perhaps even was within an unconscious yet visible future self.

We are all constant shadows of our own distant light.
Cast almost randomly upon the streets of Time,
full puzzles revealed fragmentally in an order only known to the grand master who is blind to fractions and only sees
[both, each, either or between] - the "whole/hole"
... within Light's Shadow.

full concert (video - 1hr 24m.)

[concerto] - Joni Mitchell, Jaco Pastorius, Michael Brecker, Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays, Don Alias - Shadows And Light.

Full concert - 1979

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