Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Brecker, Scofield... and "I Can't Get No Satisfaction"


Hoje este Blog é dedicado a dois músicos especialmente, Michael Brecker e John Scofield. Um será através do conjunto 'Scofield Trio with Horns' e outro através do grupo 'Steps Ahead'. A razão é simples e tem de ser escrito em Inglês para não se perder nada na tradução... é porque - I can't get no satisfaction!!


- studio recording of "I Can't Get no Satisfaction", on

Since I just can't get no satisfaction, today this blog is going to be dedicated mostly to Brecker and Scofield in the following groups: Steps Ahead / Scofield Trio with horns.

- live recording

Before going on to the group 'STEPS AHEAD' here's a piece to make the transition, with the incomparable Michael Brecker

- live (H. Hancock's The New Standard: Michael Brecker; John Scofield; Herbie Hancock; Dave Hollland; Don Alias; Jack Dejohnette

Last but definitely not least, here is "Slings and Arrows", with a performance by one whom was cruelly taken from us due to (in Shakespeares own words)
the slings and arrows of life's outrageous fortune

- performed live with: Michael Brecker(Sax),Joey Calderazzo(P),Dennis Irwin(B),Peter Erskin(Dr)

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