Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Fellini fashion show, and others

não resisto..
I can´t resist posting this.. love Fellini and the temptation is too great

(he's almost here..)

Graffiti - and the propagating a message(his background and how his religion all started)

Also commemorating the end of Football season:
(Germans vs the Greeks - at the present momment this seems quite appropriate)

(once more for the Pope - a man of phylosophy)

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  1. The Pope is about to arrive and I must say that inspite of being very annoyed with his, and the former Pope's, being so retrograde in terms of birth control.. I do not respect him less than the Dalai Llama.
    He is the spiritual leader of many.

    He may not be at ease in a crowd as was his predecessor but he is the a holy father of more than 80 % in this country and he comes to be among his flock, a special occasion for many.

    Regarding the man, it is my personal belief that he (as his predecessor), out of a deep desire and need to see more being born among christians and thus grow in numbers, as does the muslim community (apparently an exponential growth).. keeps insisting on being out of touch with reality to say the least...

    Am I supposed to believe that his, and the former's insistance on the subject of celebacy has to do with being the best way of controlling Aids in their opinion.. and perhaps they thought that it would also keep drug addicts' syringes clean, and hemophiles safe...
    This very shy and highly intelligent man (the present pope) over 30 years ago insisted on a an outgoing Polish Pope to help break the Berlin Wall and put an end to eastern atheism as he also fervently recently wanted a Pope from Africa in place of himself (guess that one backfired..)

    I may understand him, but I can't agree with his, and his predecessor's, insistance in backing policies that no matter how one looks - promotes suffering through disease and lack of comprehension amongst their flock..

    I think he is right - christians are now a minority in Europe.. and this to him must be quite distressing..
    Nevertheless it annoys me that such an enlightened mind should have so much difficulty in relating to Man's sexual behaviour and needs, as well as his apparent blindness drug problems and other social realities..

    Perhaps I'm harsh but as with any spiritual leader, he must give much..

    One thing I see is that he is trying to redeem the church (allegedly unapproachable) from terrible acts such as pedofilia. Abhorrent to him as it may be, apparently it isn't to other ministers of the faith, or else they wouldn't be so eager and quick to dissmiss such a matter as a minor problem.. common even!!
    I don't care if it's found everywhere in society.. they should at least respect his will in begging forgiveness (at least he admits and abhors this malignancy)

    I hope (and pray) that he learns to deal with the world in a better way, even though it is assuredly difficult - and that he instill in those of his ministers (and there is quite a nunmber of them)
    that insist on hypocritically diminishing his requesting forgivness, a sence of shame (humility if you will.. for the sake of victims of said abuse..)
    Maybe then, and only then... I'll become a believer...