Monday, 23 July 2007

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Baboon Liberation Army

coming soon - Disscussions on: The Death of Metanarratives; Art and The Neo-liberal;

- soon we shall start up various articles regarding art, and its
transformations (causing change / or changing due to socio-economic reasons, as well as shifts in the perception of art ...)
- if you should wish to submit your views, please do so.
We will be more than happy to recieve your comments, views, or articles.

para fazer cópias dos trabalhos graficos aqui contidos neste blog

- apesar de os trabalhos estarem protegidos por direito de autor, podem fazer os respectivos 'downloads' sem restricção, como podem verificar.

Agradecemos a vossa visita.

if you wish a copy of posted artwork or other works by G. A. or colaborating colleague artists (such as Graça)

- if you like our art work go ahead and download it dear friends, we are happy to comply.
- send us a message with your username if you want any more works.

- be well and take care.