Friday, 16 March 2007

Simul-Arte & Díptico-GGTP (English version)

"Jorge" (by Guida Almeida) - property of / propriedade de J. VanZeller

Red (by G. Almeida)

(sem título - by Graça)

" Simul-Arte " 
Graça – Painting (performing live, and / or cinematography)
Guida Almeida – Painting (performing live)

"Díptico - GGTP"
Paleka – Drums (in trio – “Longetude 0” with Carlos Azevedo and one more musician)
Carlos Azevedo – Piano

(and / or Visual Arts)
Graça – Painting (performing live, and / or cinematography)

Guida Almeida – Painting (performing live)

(sem título - by Graça)

These two projects have a common goal:
- to stretch the boundaries of the definitions of Music and Art (Fine Art). In an era of “Globalization and “Anti-Globalization”, the members of these projects seek both perspectives; through the merging of Art forms, and concurrently through expressing themselves via their own inevitable ethnological idiosyncrasies. Futhermore, this is done within the musical perimeters of jazz, contemorary, "world music", and visual abstraction for the most part.

Guida Almeida (colour treated photo)

Simul-Arte and Díptico – GGTP are projects born from the joining of two artistic modes of expression
Music & Fine Arts (in this case painting).

Their origins are based on:
– Performances where live painting and music converge, and share the
same stage. (i.e. ‘Cruzumana’ – w/ Guida Almeida)

– And musical performances for Painting Exhibits by Graça
(i.e. Paleka, and Carlos Azevedo)

Composition Y10 (by G. Almeida)

For the same reason that in some parts of the world, the definition for “ Music ” encompasses simultaneously Dance and Music,
- these people propose to search for another rendition for the term, one comprised of Visual Arts (Fine Arts) and Music.
- to find an object's SMI "simultaneous multiple interpretation" 

(sem título - by Graça)
In truth, the inspiration for performing simultaneously within both realms, among other reasons, comes from several years of rehearsals and respective performances in which musical ideas, for one reason or another were expressed pictorially (ex. “Gog” – w/ G. Almeida and others).
- These were cases in which standard notation was insufficient in order to covey musical concepts. This became evident in previous musical projects involving Guida Almeida. These projects (such as the previously mentioned “Gog”), difficult to define musically (being a single or mixed compost of: Jazz – Fusion – Acid etc. / and Contemporary Music – Serial – Minimalist – etc.) for the most part involved among others – Paleka, a versatile and talented drummer, along with other musicians.
The other mentioned musician - Carlos Azevedo - is a talented artist and thus has freedom to move within the project as a plastic artist an as a musician.

(sem título - by Graça)

Graça is an experienced and thrilling painter, having worked for the film industry (European) for approximately 30 years. For her, Visual Arts are not in the least bit limitted to painting or sculpture. She has also on occasion painted live, along side Guida Almeida (Art Centre – Estoril, Portugal). Some of the musicians in these projects (Carlos Azevedo, Paleka) have frequently performed at her Art Exhibits. Her work, along with that of Guida Almeida (Costa) can be found in numerous public and private collections.

(Guitar/Cello study II - Guida Almeida)
All of the mentioned members (Carlos Azevedo, Paleka, Graça and Guida Almeida) have a strong sense of alliance to one another. Hence as they perform, they act as accomplice to each and all as they work together in a tightly knit fashion.

Musically, most of them come from a rich background in Jazz and/or Contemporary Music, two being prime examples for contemporary jazz from a small and ancient European nation, Portugal.

(sem título - by Graça)
Thus the terms: “Simul-Arte”, for simultaneous art movement
and “Díptico – Grupo Geral de Trabalho e Pesquisa” (which roughly translates to “ Diptych – Comprehensive Group for Work and Research ” ), for the twofold - artistic endeavours.
Painters Graça and Guida Almeida are the performing visual artists for both projects; whereas  Carlos Azevedo or Paleka are responsible for music in “Díptico-GGTP”.
* Carlos Azevedo may also be involved as a Plastic Artist.