Tuesday, 5 July 2016

At the bottom of this post - I leave a brief interview with a Maestro (Post Language: EN)

I meant to post this yesterday, and the only reason I hadn't was due to reason's that have nothing to do with the gravity of the matter. It is no less painful than any other episode that is similar in other lands.  In fact, it's painful to recognize how often such a thing occurs in this part of the world.

Text: Video : Image
(video & image at the bottom)

It's always a sad issue, be it in Baghdad (as now, and so often as of late),
in Istanbul (as days before at the airport), in Paris, Mumbai, Madrid, London, Boston, Brussels, Moscow and so many more places... so many..... (all so treacherously sad, in this ««new»» millennium, and the others at the onset of the same century
, or a few decades before, such as what happened when a democratically elected Allende was cheered by his nation with the attack (a previous 9/11 to another sad 9/11) upon that crowd, and subsequent coup d'etat by Pinochet... (so sad). as is the ongoing strife and plight in Israel and in Palestine (this is sadness, as are the others).

Blaming things on God or lack thereof, or on previous attacks from whomever (being as pointless as stepping on daisies because some ivy pricked you) is the argument of a week mind, that only enforces through the use of weapons upon the unarmed (apparently knowing full well they can win nothing any other way, so they win (or think they win) through death (so they think).
Death, that faithful companion that accompanies all the living throughout their walk upon the earth, and that shall rid us all sooner or later of what is so fleeting for all of us, killer and non-killer alike.

Some of us know the obvious (no one stays around forever, and thank God, or God's replacement, or the ''Nothingness'' for that because we all know the unbearable - which is the loss of another. To live forever would be hell itself if it existed, for one would have to witness losing all that one even likes let alone loves).
(small groups, fundamentalists such as KKK, the self-proclaimed ISIL, and others similar (always so small on so many accounts and in so many ways) ... (I was saying)
- others seem to not know anything but death. Their's isn't suffice, they must take others.
More and more one sees, the less ''reason'' there is, the more violence because, well.. I suppose knowing nothing but death - gives to them the value of something that unites us all in this mortal coil and universe of those that breath (if only but for moments).

Most people (sapiens, or not) know a sentiment that is in truth death's only opposite.
Anyone who has truly felt it, towards any other, knows that it is the only thing that conquers death, and this is something that death itself can not reach.

When in grief (and the insanity grief can bring upon us, from pain) it is love, for whom is no longer in the first place that brings back the breath of life.
 IT is also, along with that, though it is suffice in itself, love for others that remain, and in some cases (when God is made out to be ''Love'') also that absolute itself when one needs to have an entity beyond themselves.

Some, or rather most of us have no time for death. Death is the state one is in most of eternity, so one goes beyond that petty commonality of state.
Some, or rather most of us go beyond that commonality of state, we love, we read, we paint and see paintings (sometimes bringing tears to our eyes from gazing upon them), we perform beauty or hear it (sometimes bringing tears to our eyes from hearing it), we breath we love.
We see the sun set and sun rise, we see ourselves in the reflections of others, and others in our reflections...

WE go so way beyond death
- that commonality of state which unites us all, killer and killed,
going beyond - beyond something so immense if one measures time (in any direction), and that only infinitely small fraction of that state (which is spent breathing) that makes all life duration  practically equal (be it of infant or the most elder of living beings) by comparison to the larger fraction - the only thing that goes beyond what is mind-boggling to conceive (eternity)

(in the balance of its mind-boggling large fraction of non-existence and infinitesimally smaller fraction of existence as it goes beyond such immensity, and in spite of it).

(something that can not be killed, though the fraction is so infinitesimally small, in the face of ... in the face of....... of eternity and its duration / size)


(and now a small ''desabafo'')

The greed and lust for power, power over others, things addressed so wisely and so pertinently - by great minds such as Hannah Arendt and Michel Foucault, among others, all boil down to a common denominator, don't they?
It seems that a few believe that the only way they can control ''others'' is in death.
So they kill. They attain (so they think) dead bodies (they seem to suppose being able to control only after and through death? Control what? What is controlled after death?  Oh, so they propose to control the living by killing the living, and thus finally gain control...
of the living...)

What is it they think they control?

Yes, I am tired of posting things regarding such sad deeds.

(Solidarity, solidariedade, solidarité, סוֹלִידָרִיוּת , تضامن , एकजुटता ,  یکجہتی , солидарность ........ 團結 )

If what is wanted is to instill fear - at least on my behalf (and I believe on the part of many) the only thing accomplished is sadness.

We all will die sooner or later. It is pretty stupid to think that pretending to be ''whatever'', and saying it's their right to take our lives, will accomplish what apparently is so desired by whomsoever thinks themselves more than the universe (with its laws) itself.

They propose to
induce fear? Anger? Manipulation through either?

Whether it be pawns or those that move them as the little wooden specks that they are, all they do is advance a state we all, and they themselves, will eventually yield to.

Who is the owner of death and destruction?
Who would be so self-centered to believe such folly?
They may victimize, but those remembered (sorry you self-centered bastards that think you're so scary and shit) are those fallen before their time.

Brief message to whom I'm sure will not read this:

You (the pawns that say they're so full of some deranged form of god
- God? What an excuse.)
I'd laugh if the matter at hand weren't as sad as it is.
I mean really? How puny are you? You're definitely smaller than the tiniest infant struck down in Peshawar from similar cowardice, whether it was you or not. And you may take your funny little guns and bombs, and think you're real great, but you're just a tool, and so tiny in the light of what you fear and say you detest. So shoot me, see if I care.

You're royally ''f*cked'' if you're that scared of babies and unarmed people.

You say you don't care? Do you think it really matters if you do or don't?

You're just f**ked up and killing me or anyone will get you nothing, nothing but sadness;
not for you, for those you turn into heroes, nothing more.
All you do is turn them into heroes - those that scare you such that you to need to eliminate them.
You really are just dust and mere tool, i'd feel sorry for you but, for the moment, I have no space in my heart (for anger or fear, no space) but for those you turn into heroes.  Sorry.

God bless the fallen and their memory.

If God doesn't exist (and you make a fair argiement to that conclusion) I'm sure he, she or the great void will thank you for making people sad, be they from whatever nation or relgion (or non-religion) they may be.

For the rest of us:

I leave a brief interview with a maestro

- and also an image of a cellist by me (in a humble gesture of remembrance).


For all the tomorrows, todays, and yesterdays

cellist - 2001, oil on paper, G. Almeida

Friday, 24 June 2016

''Europa'' (um campeonato engraçado) championship - from what she calls the foundation of her thought as does - the rest of the West

Thought / founding tenets / founding amendments / and ''championships''.

image credits: found this here

Interesting, isn't it, so much talk of ''the West'' and ''Western Thought'' and the tenets thereof, when considering a group that calls itself a union of countries with their continent's name, and the choice of being led by entity elected - or not, is viewed?
Whether one likes or not the outcome of an election, if one deems and calls themselves to be ''democratic'' - and more than that even - how people look at and discuss things after another nation votes concerning their own matters (unless those concerned have a ''conquering'' instinct to take the land of others and rule them (over them that is), shows much of the person who speaks.

To rule over others, now there is a concept.
Recently for one or another reason I've been led to that timeless author Michel Foucault in what concerns what he so eloquently defined as Biopower.
To be master of another, of their body - individually or as a collective of bodies (of people), now there's an issue.

Another issue (though one can tie it to the other) is what he thought of as being Fascism - not the state as a definition of it's form of rule, but the seed any one individual can have (to his thought everyone can or does have) within his or her persona.

(the only difference being how one recognizes that element and thus keeps it at bay - or not)

Let us consider a referendum (any referendum) - we all know what that is so I won't insult your intelligence by explaining it.

I have written my thought and opinion regarding this element of democratic rule (well, if we really look at it - it does mirror the form of rule of Solon's land (Solon and his famous points) .

So, we all wear the shirt that says ''Euro'', or we all wear the shirt that says ''Western Thought'', or the shirt that says ''the kangaroo-like jumping people that comb their hair backwards and hang flowers on their ears'', or ''people who wear trousers when their large frock that holds their gardening gear is in the wash'', or whatever the group within the larger group calls itself ◄

 (in this case the larger group being a group of nations that grouped themselves into a union of countries - that has long gone past the notion of being ''a larger group of peoples, that do and wear this or that, that exchange beans, milk, steaks, fish, cars and cauliflower amongst themselves'')

► and we give our opinions (yes, opinions - the fiery opinions containg bullets and blade, and other ''harsher words'', we supposedly left behind in past centuries)
regarding one of our groups within, when they wish to employ decision by the ''demos''.

(going back to what we all call the foundations of ''Western Thought'' - the kind that the Romans spread around, taken from the Hellenes, and in turn adopted and adapted by where the roads would take them, by others).

We've all become ''friends'' and decided not to shoot each other up, but it seems - more and more each day - that how we define that ''friendship'' is just that. We've decided to stop shooting each other up.

When we considered that it would be good to be ''good neighbours'' and exchange a cup of flour or sugar with a smile and more ease, we somehow forgot about the mentioned issues brought up by one of our ''thinkers'' - in this case Mr. Foucault. Of course, one must bear in mind that this specific union of ''good neighbours'' was born in Rome in the aftermath of WWII, in 1957, and Mr Foucault hadn't made his thoughts public before that date (that I'm aware of), but we've had plenty of ''thinkers'' publishing their thoughts beforehand that we could have bared in mind, and a person's literacy hasn't enough significance to make them more or less inclined to rule and be master over another (over others).

I doubt that chairman Mao Zedung, or Leopold II (the one that inspired ''A Heart of Darkness), Mussolini, Cromwell, Franco, Salazar, Nepoleon (that after being a hero became emperor), Idi AMin, Pinochet, Papa Doc or his son, or others like them were illiterate, thought and reading are but a tool - and I'm not sure if the tool makes its maker or if the maker makes the tool when considering the quest for power over others.

One thing I know is, if I wish to call myself a democratic person, and wish to live in a democratic society, regardless my not being able to vote if I think that no-one in the group of contenders are ''votable'', or voting in a person or group of persons I believe in, I must accept not ''winning''.
Another thing I know is, regardless the outcome of a referendum, being held in a ''sub-group to which I do not belong, I must respectfully (if I am in fact, as I say, ''a good neighbour'') await and accept their decision over themselves.
Whether they be Greek, British, German, French, Danes, Irish, Spaniards, Italians, or the Portuguese (though never truly inclined, it seems, to do so regarding the EU), or any other of the so called ''good neighbours'' whomever they be, I must surrender to the notion ''it's their own business'' what they do, with a referendum that is their's, and I must respect their decision, one way or another, or else I leave unchecked the will to manipulate or ''rule'' over others as the aforementioned dictators (right after the italics).

The notion of Biopower: see it, check it, and be it or be it not -

Western Thought, hmmmmmmmmmmm....
The other side of the Atlantic (North and South), hmmmmmmmmmm...
In the north - The American second amendment:
(I'll just copy my own thought and words from a day ago, on a social media network, regarding Mr. Lewis) ↕ LINK - news article (source - TIME)

(and now my mentioned words and thought)

- a great warrior, champion for the dignity of Man, as he never has rest - fighting a legislation that was written by a small minority of his nation, that in fact is made up of large groups of people - larger than that smaller group that does not mirror them, be they indigenous and precolonial or others that were unspeakably tormented, or others yet, and that for one reason or other never had a say in said legislation made in a time that has no bearing on recent centuries, a small group with a strong lobby... ►
[where blind to reason insistence on maintaining something that makes no sense - a civilian population armed against each other - where even the excuse of an atmosphere due to civil war where everyone hates each other and is thus weary of their fellow man - which is also no excuse whatsoever, as there have been civil wars more recent in other lands (Spain for example, or others in Europe - or other parts of the globe where guns in their civilian population is ''controlled'' - and that use no such excuse and have no such custom nor reckless bloodshed for the financial profit of a few) - a small group that laid down rule of law in that land, habitually persecutors of said other groups in said land, where great men and women have no rest. ]
Even neighbouring countries have a fraction of the problem and sadness created due to insistence on what those of the lobby in this case, in his nation, call freedom.
Freedom? They want to talk of freedom ? ..to this man? )
Respect ♥ 
(he is a fine example where one actually is in fact able to have high respect for people who end up holding public office - some that for one reason or other have had to enter ''politics''.
Love him.
He is part of the beautiful side of his land.
One doesn't need to share his nationality to be uplifted, even.
♥ Respect

South of that land, Brazil, yes, one of the BRICs, those very same countries that founded that ''counterpoint'' to the IMF (founded in the aftermath of wwii, and until recently with no ''competition''), - that other world bank, the NDB, and along this train of thought - look at recent upheaval, (not to mention the hot spots concerning and/or around other BRICs nations), does this ring any bells?

LINK - http://guidarte.blogspot.pt/2014/03/the-ukrane-new-european-powder-keg.html

LINK - http://guidarte.blogspot.pt/2015/01/liberte-egalite-fraternite-pt-fr-en.html

LINK - http://guidarte.blogspot.pt/2015/11/apontamento-provindo-da-terceira-bola-voadora-em-torno-de-outra-bola-voadora-em-torno-de.html (written in EN, despite the title)

LINK - http://guidarte.blogspot.pt/2011/08/extremism-food-for-thought.html

LINK - http://guidarte.blogspot.pt/2015/09/europe-its-not-that-different-from.html

LINK - http://guidarte.blogspot.pt/2014/03/o-assunto-da-coadocao-votacao-e-um.html
(written in PT / artigo em Português) regarding another form of Biopower

LINK - http://guidarte.blogspot.pt/2016/03/bruxelles-et-les-evenements-en-autre.html
(language: FR/PT/EN) Similar to the other links, concerning Biopower.

(if I were to choose one among the above links, though any of them portray my personal way of looking at things, and bare some differences between themselves, I would perhaps be inclined to pick the one with a Portuguese title that is nevertheless written in English. )
photo credits:
I don't know if he's calling us silly,
or if he simply just couldn't catch his own tail - i dunno
-  image
found here

Yes, with concerns to Europe, there are many ''championships'' and, I suppose this is true with respect to other continents. It has been so throughout the ages.

Have a good, and wholesome summer, whomsoever reads my musings.
Take care. 

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Fracking - imminent threat to the Algarve (Algarve - ameaça ambiental grave na nossa costa) EN / PT

Post languages: English / Português

Sim, já vi (ia dizer com horror, mas não, ultrapassa isso, ..com tristeza profunda, um litoral de mar, ou de lago gigante que o valha, o efeito de um derrame que seja.. 

Mesmo que se limpe, há coisas que não voltam, e coisas que mesmo que aparente estar limpo, noutro nível menos visível - devido do ocorrido, e mais a fundo - para mais com conexão a outros corpos de água, envenenando de forma lenta e dolorosa.....) - ► dizia

já vi, o efeito destas brincadeiras, mesmo apenas se ocorrer um derramezinho que seja..

Sabemos bem a importancia que o mar tem para nós e o que significa, para não falar das nossas praias e costa. 

Como sei que quem me ler dispensa a informação que dou mais abaixo em inglês, pois sobre o nosso país e sobre natureza da nossa costa, sabemos. 
Não será portanto, o que segue, uma tradução do que aqui em português digo, apenas coloco a ligação à petição, nela também estão os dois locais e respectivos horários, em Lisboa, onde ocorrerá a manifestação que está marcada para amanhã - dia 22. (frente à Assembleia da Republica / e à DGRM)
Infelizmente só tomei conhecimento agora da petição agora, há algumas horas, e por isso peço desculpa por só estar a dar este alerta neste momento, e é o último dia em que se pode assinar. 
Apenas é preciso depois confirmar a assinatura através do email (que é enviado após assinar, contendo uma ligação para tal). 

LIGAÇÂO (com petição, e informações úteis)

Agradeço quem aqui veio ler, 
e aproveito o monento para vos desejarum bom verão, com saúde e boa companhia.

Bem hajam.

image from here: LINK

(há um video desconcertante, para não dizer outra coisa, no fim deste artigo. Aliás, deixo dois. O segundo é referente a outro local, mas pertinent ao assunto. Ter em mente que na altura desse 2º video o governo, quer o federal, quer o ''provicial'' - por sufragio, mudou. Não sei como estarão os actuais a agir.) 

This is a dangerous folly,
(please read the linked page)

We all unfortunately know all too well, the horrors that follow what is considered even a small oil spill, a tide of death.

And this particular type of oil prospecting is so foul a thing that it baffles the mind not only to be attempted, but the fact that anyone would insist on what has already (and unbelievably) been done, and at such a horrendous cost in more recent times in certain parts of the world, is truly flabbergasting.

Our coast has always been a haven for dolphins, among other animals (obviously ourselves included), and they've even returned to historic homes such as rivers such like the well known Tagus,  after a brief period when their absence was felt with sorrow.
They've fortunately never been absent (to my knowledge) from the Sado, for example.

People enjoy our beaches knowing full well that both sharks and they are safe from encountering each other for that very reason, dolphin dolphin population.

They, among other obvious fauna and sea life, are not to blame for the folly of a few, nor are the majority of us.

I know full well that whosoever reads this needs no explanation nor convincing of the need to put a stop to this.

No one needs a lecture on the environment and our planet, for the topic and the sad results therefrom are unfortunately too well known.

Please help us say no.
(and time is of the essence, unfortunately)

The petition in the above LINK closes today, June 21st
A protest will be held tomorrow, June 22nd, in Lisbon.
The following are the exact locations and timetable:
  • from 12pm untill 2 pm - Parliament Building (São Bento)
  • from 2pm untill 4:30pm - the DGRM (executive building for - the Bureau For National Resources and Maritime Service & Saftey)

We need you.

Thank you for reading,
and/or coming to Lisbon to protest this.
For those who can sign the petition - and do, bless you.
For those who can't, but wish they could - bless you too)

Wishing all a happy, safe, and as best a summer possible

Still on the subject of ''fracking'', though in another land, the following is very pertinent to the matter at hand. 
The government of the country spoken of in this following video-clip, and LINK bellow, has changed however (both Provicial and Federal), and I do not know not how the current rulers stand on the issue.
It is a land that I love, and I was so very sad (indeed in shock) to see this happen - there.

LINK - 2012 article from this blog, where the symptoms of the deed were already present... and almost simultaneously with a mass change in legislation that  occurred as never seen before, causing shock and surprise.  

When things happen, they can happen at unbelievable speed.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Prince ♥

(or view the video-clip on social media - LINK )

 What's wrong with the world today? 
Things just got to get better 
Show me what the leader's say 
Maybe we should write a letter

Said dear Mr. Man, we don't understand 
Why poor people keep struggling 
But you don't lend a helping hand 
Matthew 5:5 say, "The meek shall inherit the Earth" 
We gonna be down that way 
But you been trippin' since a day of your birth

Who said that to kill is a sin 
Then started every single war that your people been in? 
Who said that water is a precious commodity 
Then dropped a big, old, black oil slick in the deep blue sea?

Who told me, Mr. Man, that working round the clock 
Would buy me a big house in the hood, cigarette ads on every block? 
Who told me, Mr. Man, that I got a right to moan? 
How about this big old hole in the ozone? 

What's wrong with the world today? 
Things just got to get better 
Dear Mr. Man, we don't understand 
Maybe we should write a letter, yeah, so look

Listen, ain't no sense in voting, same song with a different name
Might not be in the back of the bus but it sure feel just the same
Ain't nothing fair about welfare, ain't no assistance in aids 
We ain't that affirmative about your actions till the people get paid

Your thousand years are up, now you gotta share the land 
Section 1, the 14th Amendment says 
"No state shall deprive any person of life 
Liberty or property, without due process of law" 
Mr. Man, we want to end this letter with three words 
We tired a-y'all

Tired, tired 
Said we're tired, we're tired 
Dear Mr. Man 
Hey, what's wrong, wrong with the present day? 
Man, just gotta get better 
Dear Mr. Man 

(Source: Prince - Dear Mr. Man Lyrics | MetroLyrics)

I think the happiness on Dani's face during the solo on his father's piece, says it all..
(the solo starts, roughly at 3'20'' of this clip) 

Nelson, Prince Rogers

 ( ♥ - with Miles Davis)

Some of these clips I saw posted by friends on social media, as they too start to react...


Yes, as many say - a soldier of Love
                                                        (and many other things, but they can all add up to ♥ Love)

Friday, 22 April 2016

Isabel Soveral

Isabel-Soveral-e-Sofia-Moraes-talk-about-kingdom-of-the-shores from Filipe Gill on Vimeo.

I have failed somewhat to report concerts, seminars and other activities of Isabel's, and for this I am sorry. However, in hopes to make amends, I shall leave a short list of some events, today and in the near future.

I have had the wonderful experience of being present on occasions when her music is presented, and it is truly moving.

Image: unaware of the author's name at the present moment

(very brief note, regarding the composer and some of her current activities)


If you're in the vicinity - don't miss the opportunity to hear her work. I couldn't recommend it more.
Upcoming events:

Today (the 22nd of April, 9pm - 21h00 – Museu Nacional Grão Vasco. - Viseu, Portugal)


April 28th - 9:30pm   (
21h30 - O'culto da Ajuda > Lisboa, Portugal)


May 21st - 8pm (20h -  Sala / EL MANICOMIO   -    Madrid , Spain )


Earth Day .............. ♥

(It is late as I try to settle down... At first, when I thought of writing this post, I was going to place this and just write whatever came to mind.. So I leave it just the same, before I write..
- before I write this post)

So many things can be, and have been said, as one contemplates the ''subject''.
So many pictures, sounds, objects, creatures, people (some that walk upright, yet others on all fours..)

 and all that I can think of is, ''simplify'', rejoice (or cry), and simplify...

I know it is not January but Janus comes to mind (for so many reasons).

As a coin has two sides, Time I'm not sure anymore how many, and our Home has one colour to it's rotating, spherical side (though the closer one gets, the ''One'' becomes a myriad..), one sees another picture. One simplifies, immediately..., but,
it is in the details that one finds love (and other things).

So, where is the balance between the two sides of this coin?

(sometimes I think I know, but, that is the precise moment when I'm certain I don't (each time it happens, more so.   com cada vez que a ideia se aproxima, e se afasta em simultâneo, o número e a profundidade de cada componente (motivo), que se pesa em tal sentir, aumenta. Eis a única constante, a da aumentação (que pode ser, também ela, uma em vários sentidos. Por isto com cada movimento paradoxal - (ou não paradoxal, que já nem sei se afinal não será o mais complementar)
- paradoxal e simultâneo, a sensação tem mais ''peso'' assim como se torna mais ''leve'' (será uma espécie de musculação? Não sei, e cada vez importa, estranhamente, menos o saber
).   each time more so, yes.   And there is a comfort in this) 


Earth Day: 

I love this interview

(and I love it when he smiles)

(Now, as I look to the cosmos.....)

Image : from Nasa, in memory of Prince - LINK

Lídia, ignoramos. Somos estrangeiros 
Onde que quer que estejamos. 

Lídia, ignoramos. Somos estrangeiros 
Onde quer que moremos, tudo é alheio 
Nem fala língua nossa. 
Façamos de nós mesmos o retiro 
Onde esconder-nos, tímidos do insulto 
Do tumulto do mundo. 
Que quer o amor mais que não ser dos outros? 
Como um segredo dito nos mistérios, 
Seja sacro por nosso. 


Ricardo Reis (F. Pessoa), in "Odes"

image credit: Link



Tuesday, 29 March 2016

March 29

I heard this not long ago and instantly knew I would post it this day, not only as a present that I would leave for someone extremely special to me, who can no longer receive gifts (though I leave it as such, whether he can or not. I, and others know how it would warm his soul to hear it), but because it's beauty also touches me, profoundly.

It is a sunny, warm day; the sea calls in all its blue splendour, so I shall go sit next to it.
(wishing all who should pass by this post a lovely day).

.............. como quem deixa um presente de anos, com muita ternura e uma saudade que esmaga, fica aqui isto, tocado pelo autor original, com seus amigos - Sabemos bem como esta introdução, por exemplo, te ia fazer sorrir a alma (Carlos).

E agora sair, para ir ver o mar, neste belo dia que te viu nascer. Beijo

(e deixo um abraço, a quem por aqui passar - Bem hajam)

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Bruxelles, et les événements, en autre lieux par le monde, dans ces dernières temps...

Yes, inside and outside of Europe...

(nothing more to say..)






My thoughts aren't important, and I'd only end up repeating what I - and many others have been saying for years now, it seems.

This past winter, Paris was attacked once again in the cowardly way we know of, and shortly after (New Year Eve)
(Cologne and other locations).

In Europe, we still have still very fresh on our minds the Madrid and London attacks that occurred not far from the treachery that occurred on another continent - in the city of Mumbai.

Now a bunch of crazy little pricks hit Bruxelles. My reaction is as before, sadness, and worry for friends and their families that reside or are in Belgium.

This and the other recent senseless cowardly deeds in other parts of the globe (Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, Russia, China, Egypt, Algeria, Chad, Somalia, Kenya, Tunisia, Turkey, Jordan, Yemen, Lebanon, Boston in the USA just came to mind, Palestine and Isreal (though stretching back one shouldn't forget), strange attempts in the Scandanavian countries, and other nations ►

.....the mass killing of babies in the city of Peshawar... little children..
(i still can't verbalize how utterly... No, can't put it in words... ..)

(the number of places is so extensive.., I know I would commit a wrong if I tried to name them all, due to my feeble memory)

► as the world (our human world) works out its stock markets, witnesses the ''coincidental'' - or not - destabilising of BRICs nations, such as Brazil,
historic moments occur (the are always good things happening too, one must always remember this..) such as the USA and Cuba going back to pre-cold war friendship, but also this mess of idiots (subsidised by who knows what) run amok and help push the world ►
 (probably as some of their ''owners'' want, and ''costumers'' ignore, for any number of reasons... Yes, idiots like these obviously have ''owners'', and thrive on trade as we all know by now, for none of them have an original thought or neuron to harbour anything but orders and a ready availability that comes naturally to any opprotunistic coward that only goes after little children, or any who are frail, or unarmed groups of people..)
► on the paths that lead us down to their level.
We all know they count on and desire it, ardently, thus their quickness to revendicate all attacks - these perhaps as much as 10 thousand fools - that desperately try to pass themselves off as representing more than one and a half billion people, which is sort of like having those other idiots - the Klu Klux Klan - trying desperately to represent all Christians

(rather full of themselves, aren't they?).

I won't even get into their taste for mediatic exposure, and the ready response on the part of much of the large media groups - that seems to always come to their aid in getting them their desired exposure, to their little minds - help them achieve their will to provoke fear in who they want,

and through both things -
boost and please their already tremendously over-inflated egos.

The fascist mind is what it is.

I mean real fascism, the kind of fascism Foucault addressed and can be found in anyone of us. When it's caught in its bud stage it's far easier to tackle, and it is a life-long chore one has with one's self, I believe, to keep it at bay.
It is such an easy path to wander into, and before one know's it, one can suddenly find themselves to be so far gone down that path that any attempt to reverse is out of reach (that is, in case one actually still retains the capacity to think. It is so easy to get so far as to not see the absurd little jail one can let oneself into)

Fascists, and fascist regimes -

............................... and cowards,

.............. cowards thinking themselves so high and mighty by murdering babies,
mutilating girls, attacking unsuspecting, defenseless, civilian crowds.. (of course they would, it's the only thing they have the courage to do, other than killing themselves - which is obviously pretty stupid. Such a creature cares for nothing, not even themselves.. Shit for brains.. ) .......

Each one of them, so in tune with any dictator that we've seen come and go..

They're the same as bloodthirsty Pinochet and his friend Kissinger who had the democratically elected Salvador Allende killed, on 9 - 11 (of 73, also on a Tuesday, which obviously in no way can excuse the heinous act of the other 9 - 11 of 2001, in New York)
the government toppled - with fighter planes shooting up the Presidential palace and defenseless crowd that was celebrating and wished to greet their newly elected President - plus the subsequent murderous regime.

They're no different than the bloodthirsty dictators that committed atrocities in Sierra Leone, or Ruanda, or Uganda's Idi Amin.

Nothing separates them from Stalin, Mussolini or Hitler (men - who murdered so many of their own land, relentlessly, psychopathically, and though perhaps in less proportion - others from other lands, as they committed their atrocities). They are the same as these, and their equally bloodthirsty - power crazed counterparts: generalíssimo Franco
(who had his friend Adolf ''take care of'' Guernica,
(Adolf was happy to comply as he could thus test the deadly capacity of his own air force)  among other horrible deeds, Franco wished and had done..) , Japanese Prime Ministers - Hideki Tojo + Koki Hirota, and Portugal's - Salazar (who like Eduard VIII of Britain, and Franco, sympathized with Adolf and his ''ideology'').

 Leopold II of Belgium - would probably make all the former ones blush, laying out a world that influenced Conrad so profoundly as he wrote his -  '' A Heart of Darkness.

We have the mass genocides of natives in both Americas (north and south)
 - and slavery

(some places even reinstituted slavery  - that had been previously prohibitted, in their lands) ....... ,
► and we have Pol Pot with his Khmer Rouge. He and Chairman Mao Tsé-Tung are prime examples as any others, and there's Papa Doc, the former Apartheid regime in South Africa, Britain's Cromwell years, and many other examples..

Yes, Foucault was so insightful when he spoke or wrote on the subject of fascism.

My heart goes out to those in Belgium, and to those who have suffered senseless attacks in other lands these years.