Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Noam Chomsky (a recent interview)

I know I've placed Mr. Chomsky a couple of times before, but, I feel these recent words of his to convey far better than I ever could certain things that have been on many of our minds as of late (whether ''mainstream'' media likes it or not).
I shall, therefore, just leave us with the following interview. Some of the issues are of course more pertinent to those who live in the US, nevertheless, so much of what he says merits reflection on the part of so many (any one of us) outside said country, as well, in my opinion.

By the way, the fact that so much of our mainstream media seems to be so hysterically hyped as it reacts to present-day Venezuela, is starting to make me think that they must be doing something right (in Venezuela, that is.. and regardless or despite of what I may think of their current leader, as a person, for it is a Venezuelan affair). Why is it that any of the Latin American countries not being under NATO's feet (as a mat), or others for that matter - seems to get their (the media's) panties tied up in a bunch like this, I wonder?

I'm sure it has nothing to do with their having or wishing to have control over their own natural resources (hmmmm..., East Timor comes to mind - with those strange «coup d'etat» events back in 2006 or 2008, among the other usual examples when one thinks on this matter, no? ) .

(yes, a person doesn't even need to stick to the middle east to see certain things, it seems.. How sad this is, when we think of how supposedly all of us are lead to believe we should be happy with all those hopes, and promises, to finally become free from so much dependence on certain types of finite ''energy sources'', but that's probably beside the point, hmmmmmm...)

(oh yes, how I love to be brainwashed by all this easy-made media hype, where one is always told how ''Mr Syria'' is so terrible and ''Mr Saudi Arabia'' is so cute and fluffy, for instance, or any of the BRICKs (or conveniently neighbouring countries) - do this or that, or how good it is for this or that place to be full of investment in solar energy and yet... )

...and yes, I'm wondering also as to - what ever happened to ''freedom of the Press''? - among other things, but alas, that appears to be old news...

And just to ''play fair'' I won't leave out the continuous Athabaskan saga - in Canada, or Norway's  wish to drill the heck out of the Arctic.. Did I leave out POrtugal?
(as Poirot would say ''Please to forgive me'')
(I hope that this nonsense doesn't get us ''bombed to smithereens, among other things that is)
But our newscasts seem to only be interested if Ronaldo has burped his child, or weaned a calf, or anything like that. It's either that or turn themselves into some kind of gory game show where a TV host puts up placards to pin the names on who was or was not in fact burnt to a crisp in this or that fire... Yes, they can be so tasteful, can't they?)


 I might not seem at this precise moment to be in a good mood,  but do not get me wrong, sometimes just by simply losing track of time on a Saturday , even when decompression makes oneself blunder a bit - can make a two month holiday at a Jamaican Spa or in Monet's gardens (or a mix of both) seem small by comparison. So, I hope that the sun and the evening stars shine bright and sweetly for you, no matter  how stormy or  iffy the horizon may seem, as they did for me yesterday
(wait, we're in August already. It was the day before... :),
   I'm still under that Saturday spell)

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