Thursday, 24 November 2016

Thanksgiving (and - A Tale Of Two Leonards)

Hello New Zealand


Well I do believe this is my first Thanksgiving post ever, on this blog.

Ah yes - freezing temperatures and a water cannon - on to whom?
(let me rub my eyes, and shake my brain to fathom this for a minute..)

I know he's leaving but, the man did veto the thing on February, 2015. The attempt to override his veto failed, and now it seems Presidents in that country are absolutely meaningless.
Conservatives (really? Conservatives? - I'd like to see that definition of ''conservatives'' as it is hard to see what such people are ''conserving'')
Some (I suspect many) self-proclaimed  ''conservatives'' seem to be confounded as they actually fight for what by any standard of historic record would be ''progressive'' (even if that notion of being ''progressive'' be foolish to say the least) . 
I mean really, can such people think they can be more ''conservative'' than a native American citizen?
(ok - I'll try not to laugh, especially since the malignancy of what has been happening is so tragic, to the point of murderous intent. Shooting a water canon at people in freezing temperature is ''murderous intent'', not to mention through means of torture.)

Funny isn't it? That Mr. Lincoln's political party is backed by (among others), the ummmmm... (now what's their name? ...) Ah, yes, the KKK. Cute isn't it? Mr. Lincoln, his party, now backed by whom?
(oh yes, some of them prefer a new name - the ''Alt Right'') .
Ok, no irony there (of course not).

Now what was this post about?
Oh I remember - Thanksgiving (yes, that's it).


I know it could have been an October post (a Monday post), but, November is just as fine a time (a Thursday greeting).

Why? First of all, as two Leonards come to mind (one thankfully still gracing the earth with his presence), among other things, the idea of what is going on in Standing Rock as we come to this time of year seems so incredibly ironic, that it curdles the blood. 

Despite any actual historic distortions,  perpetrated by sociopolitical agendas along the ages, including the typical  ''old school - Hollywood'' backdrops depicting (its) their versions of what happened to warrant such a celebration, the underlying message (beyond and even despite any actual and historic ''truths'') is one of
► «Giving thanks: to the creator, to the harmony and respect between peoples, et cetera».

This is allegedly what is taught and held in mind as families and close friends come together in North America. In one Leonard's land it happens in October, in the other Leonard's land it occurs in November.
I'm pretty sure that it is not an easy thing to deal with if you're a native American, but they too as a people have been ''taught'' to think of it as such,  (as Bob Dylan says in - All Along The Watchtower) so *let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late.

October Thanksgiving LINK                                          November Thanksgiving LINK

So really? Standing Rock, I'm supposed to believe this to be a normal thing? Acceptable? Ah yes, I almost forgot, it must be a Thankgiving type of thing.

Honor the Treaties, for Pete's sake!

Honour the Treaties !!!!!!!!!!!

(further North, from 2014)

So, am I (or anyone) supposed to believe that in those lands Thanksgiving has ''a meaning''?

Ok- Peace and goodness be with you.

Oh, I almost forgot.

P.S. - Will somebody remember to free Leonard?
(Hasn't that temper tantrum lasted long enough?)

 Silence, they say, is the voice of complicity.
  But silence is impossible.
  Silence screams,
  Silence is a message,
  Just as doing nothing is an act. 

 Let who you are ring out and resonate
  in every word and every deed.
  Yes, become who you are.
  There’s no sidestepping your own being
  or your own responsibility. 

 What you do is who you are.
  You are your own comeuppance.
  You become your own message. 

 You are the message. 
 May the Great Spirit Make Sunrise in Your Heart . . . 
 Hoka Hey!  
    (Poem: ''My Life Is My Sundance" by Mr. Leonard Peltier ) 


We are not separate beings, you and I
We are different strands of the same being
You are me and I am you
and we are they and they are us
This is how we’re meant to be,
each of us one
each of us all
You reach out across the void of Otherness to me
and you touch your own soul! 

 (Poem: ''We are Not Separate'' by L. Peltier 



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