Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Bruxelles, et les événements, en autre lieux par le monde, dans ces dernières temps...

Yes, inside and outside of Europe...

(nothing more to say..)

My thoughts aren't important, and I'd only end up repeating what I - and many others have been saying for years now, it seems.

This past winter, Paris was attacked once again in the cowardly way we know of, and shortly after (New Year Eve)
(Cologne and other locations).

In Europe, we still have still very fresh on our minds the Madrid and London attacks that occurred not far from the treachery that occurred on another continent - in the city of Mumbai.

Now a bunch of crazy little pricks hit Bruxelles. My reaction is as before, sadness, and worry for friends and their families that reside or are in Belgium.

This and the other recent senseless cowardly deeds in other parts of the globe (Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, Russia, China, Egypt, Algeria, Chad, Somalia, Kenya, Tunisia, Turkey, Jordan, Yemen, Lebanon, Boston in the USA just came to mind, Palestine and Isreal (though stretching back one shouldn't forget), strange attempts in the Scandanavian countries, and other nations ►

.....the mass killing of babies in the city of Peshawar... little children..
(i still can't verbalize how utterly... No, can't put it in words... ..)

(the number of places is so extensive.., I know I would commit a wrong if I tried to name them all, due to my feeble memory)

► as the world (our human world) works out its stock markets, witnesses the ''coincidental'' - or not - destabilising of BRICs nations, such as Brazil,
historic moments occur (the are always good things happening too, one must always remember this..) such as the USA and Cuba going back to pre-cold war friendship, but also this mess of idiots (subsidised by who knows what) run amok and help push the world ►
 (probably as some of their ''owners'' want, and ''costumers'' ignore, for any number of reasons... Yes, idiots like these obviously have ''owners'', and thrive on trade as we all know by now, for none of them have an original thought or neuron to harbour anything but orders and a ready availability that comes naturally to any opprotunistic coward that only goes after little children, or any who are frail, or unarmed groups of people..)
► on the paths that lead us down to their level.
We all know they count on and desire it, ardently, thus their quickness to revendicate all attacks - these perhaps as much as 10 thousand fools - that desperately try to pass themselves off as representing more than one and a half billion people, which is sort of like having those other idiots - the Klu Klux Klan - trying desperately to represent all Christians

(rather full of themselves, aren't they?).

I won't even get into their taste for mediatic exposure, and the ready response on the part of much of the large media groups - that seems to always come to their aid in getting them their desired exposure, to their little minds - help them achieve their will to provoke fear in who they want,

and through both things -
boost and please their already tremendously over-inflated egos.

The fascist mind is what it is.

I mean real fascism, the kind of fascism Foucault addressed and can be found in anyone of us. When it's caught in its bud stage it's far easier to tackle, and it is a life-long chore one has with one's self, I believe, to keep it at bay.
It is such an easy path to wander into, and before one know's it, one can suddenly find themselves to be so far gone down that path that any attempt to reverse is out of reach (that is, in case one actually still retains the capacity to think. It is so easy to get so far as to not see the absurd little jail one can let oneself into)

Fascists, and fascist regimes -

............................... and cowards,

.............. cowards thinking themselves so high and mighty by murdering babies,
mutilating girls, attacking unsuspecting, defenseless, civilian crowds.. (of course they would, it's the only thing they have the courage to do, other than killing themselves - which is obviously pretty stupid. Such a creature cares for nothing, not even themselves.. Shit for brains.. ) .......

Each one of them, so in tune with any dictator that we've seen come and go..

They're the same as bloodthirsty Pinochet and his friend Kissinger who had the democratically elected Salvador Allende killed, on 9 - 11 (of 73, also on a Tuesday, which obviously in no way can excuse the heinous act of the other 9 - 11 of 2001, in New York)
the government toppled - with fighter planes shooting up the Presidential palace and defenseless crowd that was celebrating and wished to greet their newly elected President - plus the subsequent murderous regime.

They're no different than the bloodthirsty dictators that committed atrocities in Sierra Leone, or Ruanda, or Uganda's Idi Amin.

Nothing separates them from Stalin, Mussolini or Hitler (men - who murdered so many of their own land, relentlessly, psychopathically, and though perhaps in less proportion - others from other lands, as they committed their atrocities). They are the same as these, and their equally bloodthirsty - power crazed counterparts: generalíssimo Franco
(who had his friend Adolf ''take care of'' Guernica,
(Adolf was happy to comply as he could thus test the deadly capacity of his own air force)  among other horrible deeds, Franco wished and had done..) , Japanese Prime Ministers - Hideki Tojo + Koki Hirota, and Portugal's - Salazar (who like Eduard VIII of Britain, and Franco, sympathized with Adolf and his ''ideology'').

 Leopold II of Belgium - would probably make all the former ones blush, laying out a world that influenced Conrad so profoundly as he wrote his -  '' A Heart of Darkness.

We have the mass genocides of natives in both Americas (north and south)
 - and slavery

(some places even reinstituted slavery  - that had been previously prohibitted, in their lands) ....... ,
► and we have Pol Pot with his Khmer Rouge. He and Chairman Mao Tsé-Tung are prime examples as any others, and there's Papa Doc, the former Apartheid regime in South Africa, Britain's Cromwell years, and many other examples..

Yes, Foucault was so insightful when he spoke or wrote on the subject of fascism.

My heart goes out to those in Belgium, and to those who have suffered senseless attacks in other lands these years.

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