Monday, 29 June 2015

Along came rosy fingered dawn.. (post in EN)

painting by Nikolaos Gyzis 

Could I take me to some cavern for mine hiding,
In the hilltops where the Sun scarce hath trod;
Or a cloud make the home of mine abiding,
As a bird among the bird-droves of God.

Could I wing me to my rest amid the roar

Of the deep Adriatic on the shore
Where the water of Eridanus is clear,
And Phaeton's sad sisters by his grave
Weep into the river, and each tear
Gleams a dropp of amber, in the wave.

To the strand of the Daughters of the Sunset,

The Apple-tree, the singing and the gold;
Where the mariner must stay him from his onset,
And the red wave is tranquil as of old;
Yea, beyond that pillar of the End
That Atlas guardeth, would I wend;
Where a voice of living waters never ceaseth
In God's quiet garden by the sea,
And Earth, the ancient life-giver, increaseth
Joy among the meadows, like a tree.


In an age where political office and its contenders (in many nations) are muddied, turning it all into a sad mockery, when democracy though hailed and held high is but an empty word devout of meaning - soiled by lobby, bullied by despotic whim, ravaged by thieves and disgraced by cowards, when people are looked upon as commodity or as a nuisance we find a country where something long gone seems to shine among the ashes of Western Thought.

Politicians, from left to right, who fear and/or dislike their people, are the face of tyranny.
I'm always grateful when I see the opposite anywhere in the world.

From South to North, East to West - all of Europe has things to be thankful for.
Like anywhere else on this tiny blue ship that sails the heavens, in a pirouette among other piroettes concentrically circling in a 'grand ballet', it has its beauty.

Thank you Greece

(I shall return to speak my thoughts regarding last week's events, occurring on other side of the Atlantic.
The subject above and the two from last week are too powerful to be in one post.
Thank you for reading.
Have a nice day) 

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