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Miles - 20 years...

20 years ago today he left. He also left a tremendous legacy..
Thank you Miles.

I originally wanted to select 5 recordings but I'm afraid I was incapable of choosing less than 14.

I place here in separate the recording that I personally feel to reflect his inner persona from his own perspective.
Jack Johnson, as is well documented, was an inspiration and someone with whom he highly identified with. For this reason if I had to choose but one (impossible when dealing with certain musicians) this would probably best serve "my mind's eye" as I try to define and reflect his inner being, though I'm certain it only reflects a fractional portion.

In truth for any one working in the arts their entire ouevre reflects their being, emotions and thought along with people and things surrounding them. Therefore my list is in effect useless to reflect the man.
- I thus place 14 here.. fully knowing their should be more.

(video of the first track in the album - Jack Johnson)
Musicians in this track were:
Miles Davis – Trumpet
Steve Grossman – Soprano saxophone
John McLaughlin – Electric guitar
Herbie Hancock – Organ
Michael Henderson – Electric bass
Billy Cobham – drums

The following (some of which were turning points in the history of Jazz in my humble opinion) are some of my favourite Miles Davis recordings. Besides the afore mentioned work (above),  these are to me of high significance.

One of his many facets was the challenge he put upon others to work at his side whether it be in performance or composing. He was truly what one could call a Music "Medium" or channel if you will. He had that rare uncanny sense that few have for percieving talent in others in such a way as to instantly capture, captivate and entice into action at the highest degree of one's capabilities.

I thus begin the list, which is in no way in any specific order but rather randomly put forth as I run through my memory, with "Aura".

- although Miles was a prolific composer, either recording and/or performing various pieces written by his friends and colleagues or music of his own along with the habitual list of jazz standards, in this case he went to Palle Mikkelborg to author the tracks on this album.

"Intro" – 4:48
"White" – 6:07
"Yellow" – 6:55
"Orange" – 8:41
"Red" – 6:05
"Green" – 8:13
"Blue" – 6:36
"Electric Red" – 4:19
"Indigo" – 6:06
"Violet" – 9:04


Trumpet: Miles Davis
lso on trumpet plus flugelhorn: Palle Mikkelborg
other trumpets and flugelhorns: Benny Rosenfeld, Idrees Sulieman, Jens Winther, Palle Bolvig, Perry Knudsen
Trombones: Jens Engel, Ture Larsen, Vincent Nilsson
Bass trombones: Ole Kurt Jensen, Axel Windfel
Tuba: Axel Windfel
Reeds, flute: Jesper Thilo, Per Carsten, Uffe Karskov, Bent Jædig, Flemming Madsen
Saxophones and woodwinds: Bent Jædig, Flemming Madsen, Jesper Thilo, Per Carsten, Uffe Karskov
Keyboards: Kenneth Knudsen, Ole Kock Hansen, Thomas Clausen
Guitars: Bjarne Roupé, John McLaughlin
Bass: Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen
Fender bass and fretless bass: Bo Stief
Drums: Vincent Wilburn jr., Lennart Gruvstedt
Electronic drums: Vince Wilburn
Percussion: Ethan Weisgaard, Marilyn Mazur
Harp: Lillian Thornquist
Oboe and English horn: Niels Eje
Vocals: Eva Hess-Thaysen

In A Silent Way


Miles Davis – trumpet
Wayne Shorter – soprano saxophone
John McLaughlin – electric guitar
Chick Corea – electric piano
Herbie Hancock – electric piano
Joe Zawinul – organ
Dave Holland – double bass
Tony Williams – drums

Side one
"Shhh/Peaceful" (Miles Davis) – 18:16
"Shhh" – 6:14
"Peaceful" – 5:42
"Shhh" – 6:20

Side two

"In a Silent Way/It's About That Time" (Joe Zawinul, Miles Davis) – 19:52
"In a Silent Way" (Joe Zawinul) – 4:11
"It's About That Time" (Miles Davis & Joe Zawinul) – 11:27
"In a Silent Way" (Joe Zawinul) – 4:14

Live Evil

(first sessions at Cellar Door)
Miles Davis: electric trumpet with wah-wah
Gary Bartz: soprano sax, alto sax
John McLaughlin: electric guitar
Keith Jarrett: Fender Rhodes electric piano, Fender electric organ
Michael Henderson: electric bass
Jack DeJohnette: drums
Airto Moreira: percussion
Ron Carter: acoustic bass
Steve Grossman: soprano sax
Chick Corea: electric piano
Herbie Hancock: electric piano
Hermeto Pascoal: drums, vocals
Wayne Shorter: soprano sax
Joe Zawinul: electric piano
Dave Holland: acoustic bass
Khalil Balakrishna: electric sitar
Billy Cobham: drums

On The Corner


Miles Davis – electric trumpet with Wah Wah
Dave Liebman – soprano saxophone
Carlos Garnett – soprano and tenor saxophone
Chick Corea – electric piano
Herbie Hancock – electric piano, synthesizer
Harold I. Williams – organ, synthesizer
Lonnie Liston Smith – organ
John McLaughlin – electric guitar
David Creamer – electric guitar
Michael Henderson – electric bass with Wah Wah
Khalil Balakrishna - electric sitar
Bennie Maupin – bass clarinet
Collin Walcott – electric sitar
Badal Roy – tabla
Jack DeJohnette – drums
Al Foster - drums
Jabali Billy Hart – drums, bongos
Don Alias – percussion
James "Mtume" Foreman – percussion
Paul Buckmaster – cello

Water Babies

01. Water Babies (Wayne Shorter) – 5:05
02. Capricorn (Wayne Shorter) – 8:26
03. Sweet Pea (Wayne Shorter) – 7:58
04. Two Faced (Wayne Shorter) – 18:00
05. Dual Mr. Anthony Tillmon Williams Process (Miles Davis) – 13:20
06. Splash (Miles Davis) – 10:03

- Miles Davis - trumpet
- Wayne Shorter - tenor saxophone
- Herbie Hancock - piano
- Chick Corea - electric piano (04-06)
- Ron Carter - bass (01-03)
- Dave Holland - bass (04-06)
- Tony Williams - drums

Live at The Fillmore East

Miles Davis: trumpet
Steve Grossman: tenor and soprano sax
Chick Corea: Fender Rhodes electric piano
Keith Jarrett: electronic organ
Dave Holland: acoustic and electric bass
Jack DeJohnette: drums
Airto Moreira: percussion, cuica

Ascenseur pour l'échafaud


Miles Davis – trumpet
Barney Wilen – tenor saxophone
René Urtreger – piano
Pierre Michelot – bass
Kenny Clarke – drums

The Complete Birth of the Cool


Miles Davis – trumpet (all)
Kai Winding – trombone (January 1949)
J. J. Johnson – trombone (April 1949, March 1950)
Junior Collins – French horn (January 1949)
Sandy Siegelstein – French horn (April 1949)
Gunther Schuller – French horn (March 1950)
Bill Barber – tuba (all)
Lee Konitz – alto saxophone (all)
Gerry Mulligan – baritone saxophone (all)
Al Haig – piano (January 1949)
John Lewis – piano (April 1949, March 1950)
Joe Shulman – bass (January 1949)
Nelson Boyd – bass (April 1949)
Al McKibbon – bass (March 1950)
Max Roach – drums (January 1949, March 1950)
Kenny Clarke – drums (April 1949)
Kenny Hagood – vocal ("Darn That Dream" only)

The Complete Birth Of The Cool (The Live Sessions)

Miles Davis – trumpet
Mike Zwerin – trombone
Junior Collins – French horn
Bill Barber – tuba
Lee Konitz – alto saxophone
Gerry Mulligan – baritone saxophone
John Lewis – piano
Al McKibbon – bass
Max Roach – drums
Kenny Hagood – vocal (on - Why Do I Love You and Darn That Dream)

Sketches of Spain

The following list shows the total number of musicians during the various sessions from late 1959 and early 1960. The actual number of players on the piece was 19)

Danny Bank — bass clarinet
Bill Barber — tuba
John Barrows — French horn
Albert Block — flute
James Buffington — French horn
Eddie Caine — flute, flugelhorn
Paul Chambers — bass
Earl Chapin — French horn
Jimmy Cobb — drums
Johnny Coles — trumpet
Miles Davis — trumpet, flugelhorn
Gil Evans — arranger, conductor
Harold Feldman — clarinet, flute, oboe
Bernie Glow — trumpet
Dick Hixon — trombone
Elvin Jones — percussion
Taft Jordan — trumpet
Jack Knitzer — bassoon
Jose Mangual — percussion
Jimmy McAllister — tuba
Tony Miranda — French horn
Louis Mucci — trumpet
Romeo Penque — oboe
Janet Putnam — harp
Frank Rehak — trombone
Ernie Royal — trumpet
Joe Singer — French horn

Cookin' with the Miles Davis Quintet


Miles Davis – trumpet
Paul Chambers – double bass
John Coltrane – tenor saxophone
Red Garland – piano
Philly Joe Jones – drums

Bitches Brew


"Bitches Brew"
"John McLaughlin"
"Sanctuary" (Shorter)

Recorded Columbia Studio B, New York City August 19, 1969

Miles Davis – trumpet
Wayne Shorter – soprano saxophone
Bennie Maupin – bass clarinet
Joe Zawinul – electric piano – Left (Sterio recording - therefore in the left speaker)
Chick Corea – electric piano – Right (Right speaker)
John McLaughlin – electric guitar
Dave Holland – bass
Harvey Brooks – electric bass
Lenny White – drum set – Left
Jack DeJohnette – drum set – Right
Don Alias – congas
Juma Santos (credited under the name Jim Riley) – shaker, congas

On - « John McLaughlin » without Brooks, Shorter and Davis
On - « Sanctuary » without Maupin, Brooks and White

"Miles Runs the Voodoo Down"

Recorded Columbia Studio B, New York City August 20, 1969

Miles Davis – trumpet
Wayne Shorter – soprano saxophone
Bennie Maupin – bass clarinet
Joe Zawinul – electric piano – Left (speaker)
Chick Corea – electric piano – Right (speaker)
John McLaughlin – electric guitar
Dave Holland – electric bass
Harvey Brooks – electric bass
Don Alias – drum set – Left
Jack DeJohnette – drum set – Right
Juma Santos (credited under the name "Jim Riley") – congas

"Spanish Key"
"Pharaoh's Dance" (Joe Zawinul)

Recorded Columbia Studio B, New York City August 21, 1969

Miles Davis – trumpet
Wayne Shorter – soprano saxophone
Bennie Maupin – bass clarinet
Joe Zawinul – electric piano – Left
Larry Young – electric piano – Center
Chick Corea – electric piano – Right
John McLaughlin – electric guitar
Dave Holland – bass
Harvey Brooks – electric bass
Lenny White – drum set – Left
Jack DeJohnette – drum set – Right
Don Alias – Congas
Juma Santos (credited under the name "Jim Riley") – Shaker

"Feio" (Shorter)

Recorded Columbia Studio B, New York City January 28, 1970

Miles Davis – trumpet
Wayne Shorter – soprano saxophone
Bennie Maupin – bass clarinet
Joe Zawinul – electric piano – Left (speaker)
Chick Corea – electric piano – Right (speaker)
John McLaughlin – electric guitar
Dave Holland – electric bass
Billy Cobham – drum set – Left (speaker)
Jack DeJohnette – drum set – Right (speaker)
Airto Moreira – percussion and cuica

Kind of Blue


Miles Davis – trumpet
Julian "Cannonball" Adderley – alto saxophone, except on "Blue in Green"
Paul Chambers – double bass
Jimmy Cobb – drums
John Coltrane – tenor saxophone
Bill Evans – piano (except on Freddie Freeloader)
Wynton Kelly – piano on "Freddie Freeloader"


Upon request of Miles Davis (who wished to pay homage to Archbishop Desmond Tutu)
all music on this album was written by a very young and talented Marcus Miller.


Miles Davis - trumpet
Marcus Miller - bass guitars, guitar, synthesizers, drum machine programming, bass clarinet, soprano sax, other instruments.
Jason Miles - synthesizer programming
Paulinho da Costa - percussion on "Tutu", "Portia", "Splatch", Backyard Ritual"
Adam Holzman - synthesizer solo on "Splatch"
Steve Reid - additional percussion on "Splatch"
George Duke - all except percussion, bass guitar, and trumpet on "Backyard Ritual"
Omar Hakim - drums and percussion on "Tomaas"
Bernard Wright - additional synthesizers on "Tomaas" and "Don't Lose Your Mind"
Michał Urbaniak - electric violin on "Don't Lose Your Mind"
Jabali Billy Hart - drums, bongos

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Celebrating September 23

Ray Charles - born in Albany - New York, September 23 - 1930.
- the exact same day and year as the man holding a bird in the photo below, born in Sintra (Portugal).

The next two things are also much to his (my father's) taste, and mine since I was tiny..

Mahler, Symphony No. 5 - Adagietto - Vienna S. Orchestra, Leonard Bernstein

and the voice of a friend.. (Teresa de Noronha - Fado das Horas)

Oh yes, I am aware that the great John Coltrane also shares the day (though born a few years earlier..)
The following is something I've personally always deeply loved and enjoyed, ♪♫ Naima.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Júlio Resende

"Homem a Cavalo" 1950 - oil painting by Júlio Resende
part of the art collection on display at the
Modern Art Centre of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

By clicking HERE you will access the artist's foundation

A Lifetime of Art - Júlio Resende - his gift to the world

The man has left us with a vast and remarkable ouvre, a generous gift of which we are thankful for.

"É Talvez o Último Dia da Minha Vida

É talvez o último dia da minha vida.
Saudei o sol, levantando a mão direita,
Mas não o saudei, dizendo-lhe adeus,
Fiz sinal de gostar de o ver antes: mais nada. "
- Alberto Caeiro

"And flights of angels take thee to thy rest "
(as said by Horatio, Act V scene ii.. )

Júlio Resende
October 23rd, 1917 - September 22, 2011

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

PART TWO of two, "Freedom and it's expression" [or if you will] 'Freedom - an expression: a request to free 6 times Nobel nominee Leonard Peltier

Today I bring you a man that has (to save time I'll quote a page on the myspace network)

«” And yet Leonard Peltier has remained a prisoner for more than 33 years. Fifty five United States Senators and Congressional Representatives (including Democrats and Republicans) have filed an appeal brief demanding that Peltier receive a new trial. Amnesty International has repeatedly called for Peltier’s immediate release from prison, governments from all over the world have passed resolutions insisting that Peltier be released, and a large contingent of distinguished human rights advocates have been very outspoken in their strong support for Peltier - including six people who have already received the Nobel Peace Prize: Nelson Mandela (1993), Rigoberta Menchú Tum (1992), Mikhail Gorbachev (1990), the 14th Dalai Lama (1989), Archbishop Desmond Tutu (1984), and Mother Teresa (1979). Despite his well known status as a political prisoner, however, the basis for Peltier’s Nobel nominations has been his remarkable success in furthering the causes of peace and human rights.»

The first part of this message written July 3rd looked to the east as was in respect to:

Aung San Suu Kyi / Liu Xiaobo

Now I look to the west.

For more on Leonard Peltier here are two links one with a quick review regarging the case

Leonard Peltier Case

and this other - Official website for Leonard Peltier

Here is the petition, please sign. They need approximately 4000 more signatures by the end of October (approximately) to take it to President Obama.
This 1976 imprisonment is nonsense.

ONLINE - PETITION (Free Leonard Peltier)

US Prisoner #89637-132

Silence, they say, is the voice of complicity.

But silence is impossible.
Silence screams.
Silence is a message,
just as doing nothing is an act.
Let who you are ring out & resonate
in every word (and) every deed.
Yes, become who you are.
There's no sidestepping your own being
or your own responsibility.
What you do is who you are.
You are your own comeuppance.
You become your own message.
You are the message.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse

(Leonard Peltier)

Being Portuguese
(and Canadian, but today it is my Portuguese 'persona' that cries)
- the subject of political prisoners, repression and oppressive rule makes my heart bleed.

It is easy to cast an outraged eye to the orient regarding Human Rights (and rightfully so), but in the West there is no less outrage, it's just painted differently.. I bring you a man who has been wrongfully in jail for the past 35 years and is mortally ill. A man who should be at home for the little time he has left to enjoy the laughter of grandchildren..
Moreover in the West there are american states (not all) who take it upon themselves to be above God and decide for themselves the right to live or die.
This is quite ironic since those same states within the United States are the ones that not only have the highest crime rate (violent), but actually increase in violence despite said punishment. I also know it is easy to point to the US when speaking of ill behaviour.
In Europe illegally and/or immorally war mongers bring money to nations such as France, Germany, England, Portugal, Italy.. while they promote profit from Human carnage. I wonder..
In the South
Australia cannot leave East Timor alone..
(too much black gold)
and the way they defend their countryman is absurd (Julian Assange) who's crime it appears was to show things such as war crimes.

What is wrong with people..?

What is it that they believe they take with them to the grave, money? Power (over what)?
This inhumanity and other vile atrocities (children in Darfur.. ) is in the North, South, East and West.


Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Hudson School of painters and a nostalgic, misty, New York City fotographed by Alice Valente Alves - for this 10th anniversary of September 11

Fotografia de Alice Valente Alves - photographer

Fotografia de ALICE VALENTE ALVES - photographer

This stunning image is a full colour fotograph taken by Alice Valente Alves of a misty grey NYC dawn.

Thomas Cole - 1836 "The Oxbow"

Romantic Landscape with Ruined Tower - by Thomas Cole (1832/36)

Thomas Cole - 1836 "The Oxbow"

Thomas Cole - 1836 "The Oxbow"

A Gorge In The Mountains -  by Gifford Sanford Robinson (b.1823 - d. 1888)

A Gorge In The Mountains -  by Gifford Sanford Robinson (b.1823 - d. 1888)

Ten years after a cruel day dawning that beyond heartache and suffering to many brought about a terrifying "Police - State" type of world. The globe has become dystopic as consequence but as with everything this evil shall pass, contrary to the recollection of a day in September and the just homage one should bear to victims of intolerance, greed and mindless slaughtering. This blog renders its respects with one thing further, two versions of a piece by Charlie Haden for the people of each fallen tower and a planet that has since then.. therefrom suffered.