Friday, 27 May 2011

- Part TWO - SPAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 27 / Maio - 2011 (the buck stops here.. )

a dear friend has brought to my attention the following two video clips

They are definitely worth watching, the first with numbening horror,
(remember.. this is SPAIN.. )

the other (the second) with deep pride in those who can overcome..
The Second Video Clip -

To fight back, to take back the streets..  to re-conquer
to not be broken

Here's to the Spaniards!!!
I leave you with..

SPAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 27 / Maio - 2011 (the buck stops here.. )

Currently the face of a broken European Union, Spain reflects that which no one is willing to see, being blinded by either stupidity & pig headedness, or lack of "honesty".

Said people being: the authorities, the law (unjust as they are),
Heads of State, politicians in general and their 'make believe' different poiltical parties,
political comentators & opinion makers,
plus the majority of today's so called users of "free expression" (make me laugh) allegedly heard
through the media & mass media.
As is well known they had for the most part been bought out decades ago (let's say at least by - mid eighties)
to the highest bidder regardless of ideology/theology etc.

- or rather, bought out by power hungry thieves that stop at no end to help themselves to what's not their's by right.

Europe in the past weeks has begun an upheaval and this weekend the temperature has risen to the boiling point.
The winds of havoc and revolt are in the air as authorities damage and hurt their own people in order to keep democracy at bay and away from the slightest chance of people becoming civically responsible for their own lives.

I speak of people who desperately cling to a chance of not allowing their fellow man to starve or be diminished.

This is truly a struggle for Humanity and human dignity..
Outrage is in the streets of Europe and no one wants to talk about it.

Heaven help us all

Time is not only of essence but crucial, and whomsoever thinks change is not here could not be more mentally blind.

He or she has either been bought out, and thus victimizes their own,
or is truly bereft of any form of judgement.




(The above photographs were not taken by me nor anyone I personally know. Even if I did, I would on no account whatsoever reveal their name)

SPAIN - Chick Corea + Hiromi Uehara

2º Encontro de Música improvisada - MIA (este fim de semana - 28 e 29 de Maio)

(texto e imagens retirados directamente de MIA (Paulo Chagas)

Programa (actualizado)

Sábado, 28 de Maio

15:00 – Relentless - Artur Vidal (saxofone alto) e Sébastien Branche (saxofone tenor)

15:30 – Kalendar - Stephen Shiell (guitarra) e Paul Ibram (moog)

16:30 – grupos aleatórios

18:30 – Ensemble MIA

21:30 – Debate sobre as estéticas contemporâneas experimentais

22:30 – PREC - Paulo Ramos (voz), Paulo Chagas (flauta), Fernando Simões (trombone), Paulo Duarte (guitarra), João Pedro Viegas (clarinetes) e Miguel Falcão (contrabaixo)

23:00 - ZNGR ElectroAcoustic Ensemble - Carlos Zíngaro (violino/electrónica), Emidio Buchinho (guitarra/ microfone/electrónica) e Carlos Santos (microfones/electrónica)

Domingo, 29 de Maio

9:30 – Workshop com Reiner Hess

15:00 – grupos aleatórios

17:30 – Shagara Olaeia - Chrop (concertina, violino) e Bruna Serralva Olaeia (flauta, voz, castanholas, darbuka, electrónica)

18:00 – Abdul Moimême (guitarras eléctricas preparadas) e Ricardo Guerreiro (electrónica)

18:30 – Luís Vicente (trompete, fliscorne) e Jari Marjamaki (electrónica)

21:30 – Ernesto Rodrigues (viola), Gianna de Toni (contrabaixo) e Guilherme Rodrigues (violoncelo)

22:00 - Ensemble MIA dirigido por Vasco Pearce de Azevedo

Participantes nos grupos aleatórios:

Carola Ortiz Rodó, Umut Caglar, Paulo Curado, Fernando Guiomar, Daniel del Rio, Liam Slevin, Ricardo A. Freitas, Nuno Morão, Hyaena Fierling Reich, Ricardo Jacinto, João Parrinha, Manuel Guimarães, Jorge Lampreia, Paulo Galão, Monsieur Trinité, Nuno Lima, Pedro Maia e Silva, Eduardo Chagas, Pedro Portugal, Eduardo Cunha, Daniel Neto, Jorge Vicario (entre outros)

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Celebrating Joe Cocker.. born May 20th

With A Little Help From My Friends

There are times when silence and bewildered contemplation are the closest of friends
and moments within the hideout of a crowd where we find shattering inexistence or the cool hand that delivers a cold escape into a sea of doubt
Engulfed in a protective purpose to keep those loved from our mystery,
our burden, our sorrow, we forget
that paying attention to others is still the only true form of overcoming ourselves or succeeding in said protective will.

At bleak hours those we love unaware of themselves enter and surround the pain with heaven's sweet laughter..