Saturday, 11 December 2010

Dec 11 - Celebrating the birth of Manoel de Oliveira, Elliott Cook Carter Jr., McCoy Tyner and OTHERS born on this special day************* // Parabéns a quem nasceu hoje..

*************  Happiness, tenderness & a long life to you all   (link ** to Youtube - Happy Birthday by the Kremlin Chamber Orchestra)

below are some samples of some of some of those born today

(Elliot Carter - 102 years old today ** part 1 of his piece "A Symphony of Three Orchestras")

(Elliot Carter - part 2 of his piece "A Symphony of Three Orchestras")
(Manoel de Oliveira - 102 years old today - dancing as he was about to turn 100.. )
(Um Filme Falado, 2003 - Manoel de Oliveira)
(Os Canibais, 1988 - Manoel de Oliveira)

(McCoy Tyner - performing John Coltrane's jazz standard 'Giant Steps')

and now for others who celebrate their birthday today...


regarding those other people who celebrate their birthday today... 

the above picture was taken by someone who despite belonging to the same zodiac sign, 
was not born this day - G. Almeida

Here's to wishing a happy day to a dear friend, and the others above.


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