Thursday, 19 August 2010

E.S.T. "Believe Beleft Below" - Landgren, Svensson, Bergman & Strindberg

Para além da beleza do tema (de Esbjörn Svensson), Nils Landgren mostra a simplicidade e grandeza da sua alma musical, mesmo sem o seu trombone.
Gostei tanto disto que lembrei-me logo de dois conterrâneos seus que dispensam apresentação: Ingmar Bergman e August Strindberg.
Besides the beauty of Svensson's piece Landgren without resorting to his excellent trombone talent performs here with such graceful subtley that one can't help but surrender to his call. It is so entralling that I instantly remebered and wished to include something with two of his countrymen, artistic geniuses that need no introduction - Ingmar Bergman e August Strindberg.

Jazz Baltica 2003 with Esbjörn Svensson Trio, Schleswig Holstein Chamber Orchestra, Pat Metheny and Nils Landgren

"I love him as Music" - I. Bergman

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